Airbourne ‘Boneshaker’ Album Review

Airbourne ‘Boneshaker’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Spinefarm Records/Hard Rock

Often hailed as the natural successors to fellow Australians AC/DC, Airbourne have made a career out of being loud and crude coupled with a hard rock bar room boogie that makes it nigh on impossible to not tap that foot along to. Since their debut way back in 2007, the Aussies have driven that neck rattling rhythm around the world culminating in their fifth studio album ‘Boneshaker’.

This is the first Airbourne album to not feature David Roads on rhythm guitar, but his replacement, the ex-Palace of the King guitarist Matt Harrison is a more than capable switch. The injection of new blood into the band has shot a rocket up the arse of Airbourne and because of this ‘Boneshaker’ rocks considerably harder than anything the band have done since ‘No Guts, No Glory’ back in 2010. There is a real addictive quality to ‘Boneshaker’, tracks such as ‘Burnout the Nitro’, ‘Backseat Boogie’ and the title track lend themselves to be cranked up loud and proud, traded off with those sleazy foot stomping tracks like ‘Blood in the Water’ and ‘Sex to Go’ providing that tongue in cheek sex appeal that the O’Keefe brothers and company have oozed since day one. Furthermore, Airbourne know where to trim the fat, there is no filler here, it is a hit and run of hard rock bar room boogie that is in and out in half an hour with legendary producer Dave Cobb giving the band a sleek production guaranteed to make any fan of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo or Krokus prick up their ears in appreciation.

‘Boneshaker’ is exceptionally likeable and memorable, it lends itself to being cranked up loud with a beer held in the hand. Sure, there isn’t anything here that we know Airbourne can’t already do, but who cares? With a driving passion and integrity like this, there isn’t anything else that is needed.

Rating :  84/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann