Awake At Last Sign To Wake Up Music Group, Wake Up Music Rocks

Wake Up! Music Group and Wake Up! Music Rocks proudly introduce the newest signee to its family, rock band Awake At Last!

Both as a band and as individuals, Awake At Last continue to stand for positivity, spirituality, self-help and making an impact every single day. The band’s vocalist, Vincent Torres, states “We are a band that is built on the foundation of endurance and perseverance, and nothing we’ve accomplished has been easily accessed. I want our fans to know that the reason we are able to live this dream is because they continue to support us and allow us to do so, but most of all I want them to understand that whatever it is that nurtures their soul can also be obtainable if they strive for it and believe in themselves.” Guitarist Imran Xhelili expounds on this noting,  “As individuals, it can feel hard at times to find our own identity and our individual greater purpose. It all may feel rather heavy and bog us down constantly. However, we are here to take a stand and try to rise above all of that and be a respite for all of the darkness around us, as a shining light.”

The band is composed of a group of individuals who stand together for important catalysts including positivity, spirituality, self help, and making an impact every day with these ideals. The band was formed by lead vocalist Vincent Torres and Guitarist Eric Blackway, and many of their successes have stemmed from keeping their foundations close. 

Their debut full album titled The Change was a massive success, landing the band on first week chart placings such as #2 on the Heatseeker Chart, #3 Hard Music Album, #8 Independent Album and #27 Top Billboard Albums, after selling a combined 3700 units week 1 alone, and earned them the opportunities of touring with bands like From Ashes To New and Palisades, as well as hitting the stage on band-making rock festivals such as InkCarceration FestROCK USA, and the Octane Accelerator Tour alongside Ice Nine KillsFit For A King, and Light The Torch.

Overall, the connection with fans is so important to the band, and Torres speaks frequently about just that. “I feel like there are so many people who do find strength in the words and messages. I’ve had people come up to me and burst into tears because they feel so connected to the message,” states Torres. “We always seek to elevate and inspire people to battle the harsh realities of mental health, and overcome the obstacles that keep us away from happiness. I love knowing that my words have helped people through their hard times, or got them through a tough workout. It feels like it’s taking on a life of its own.” 

With this recent signing to Wake Up! Music and Wake Up Music RocksAwake At Last looks to work on their next album, and to further develop their cementing relationship in the rock scene, and with their avid listeners across the globe. The band shares “We are so excited to be teaming up with a company that shares our appreciation for spirituality and positivity. We look forward to having an awesome team that shares our vision!”