BEFORE THE DAWN Announces Live Stream + Reissue of “Deadlight”!

Before The Dawn Announces Live Stream + Reissue Of Iconic Album “Deadlight”!

Available for the first time on vinyl; out now on Stay Heavy Records!

Combining the heaviness of melodic death metal, the gloom of dark metal and the frostbitten cold of Finnish winters with beautiful melodies and epic hymnody like no other band out there, Before the Dawn have paved their way to uniqueness. Founded in 1999 by death and gothic doom metal icon Tuomas Saukkonen as his solo project and with a back catalogue of 7 studio albums and several EP & single releases to date, Before the Dawn became Finland’s ultimate flagship of melodic death metal. Laid to rest on January 10th 2013 through a press statement by Tuomas Saukkonen, to focus on Wolfheart, it obviously has been quiet around the band for many years but this is about to change today!

After the previously released single (“Final Storm”), written with the original line-up from 2007 and the first new track in 9 long years, today Before the Dawn‘s most successful album and timeless masterpiece, “Deadlight“, is re-released on Finnish label Stay Heavy Records. For the first time ever on vinyl and remastered with bonus tracks! 

To celebrate the reissue and rare gathering of the original line-up in glorius style, Before the Dawn announced a very special and intimate acoustic streaming-gig, premiering TONIGHT, July 9th, at 7pm (Finnish time) / 6pm CET!

Tickets are available at THIS LOCATION and the show can be watched until July 16th.

Tuomas Saukkonen states:

Feels unreal and utterly awesome that after 15 years of the original release we are finally getting a vinyl version of “Deadlight” out and equally amazing is that we got together with Juho and Lars to write new music and also arranged acoustic versions of 10 chosen songs for a stream gig. Definitely one of the brightest beacons of 2020/2021 for me

Get a first impression of what to expect from this unique event and watch the official teaser here: 

 The reissue of “Deadlight”, including a brand new song and bonus tracks, is out now via Stay Heavy Records and available for purchase HERE



02. Faithless

03. Fear Me

04. Eternal

05. Morning Sun

06. Deadsong

07. Guardian

08. Star of Fire

09. Reign of Fire

10. …

11. The Final Storm

12. Painless

13. Warrior Of Ancient

14. Unbreakable (Live at Nosturi)

15. Gehenna

16. The Bitter End

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