BERATOR “Elysian Inferno” Out

The new EP from Chicago death merchants BERATOR is out now on Dark Descent Records.

Four years after their devastating debut demo, BERATOR vomit forth 20 minutes of fierce, old school black/death on coke via Dark Descent Records. In an age where an over-polished sound is the norm, Elysian Inferno delivers a welcome reminder of just how ferocious and vehement extreme metal can be.

Purchase Elysian Inferno on CD, digital, vinyl, and cassette formats now at and the Dark Descent Records web store.

“‘Elysian Inferno’ is blackened death metal untouched by studio shortcuts or a false blasphemous air. Berator’s mission appears to be keeping an old-school vision to their music.” – Heavy Metal HQ

Elysian Inferno Tracklist:

  1. Sultans of Incest
  2. Onslaught to Absolution
  3. Dead Rats
  4. War Lust
  5. Final Crucifixion
  6. Swine Cult

Rich Olsen – Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Kuzay – Guitar/Backup Vocals
Mikey De La Mora – Bass/Backup Vocals
Dave Cieck – Drums​​​