Brazilian Rock Guitarist who created ‘Melting Guitar’ playing method!

“Melting Guitar” creator releases video clip with his son on Children’s Day!

Luiz Oliveira, brazilian guitarist from Santos, Sao Paulo, will release his new music video on October 12, Children’s Day, with a special ingredient to celebrate the date. His son, Nicolas Oliveira, (9 years old) participates singing and playing drums on the track “Nico Sorriso”, which was originally recorded in 2012 on Luiz’s first authorial and solo album, “Ohana”, now available on physical media by Die Hard Records. The choice of this date also has a special reason, as October, in addition to Children’s Day, is the month of St. Terezinha das Rosas, an important saint and one of the great driving forces in the battle for the arrival of little Nicolas in the family.

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“Ohana”, a Hawaiian term that means family (encompassing not only ties of kinship, but also those through our choices, all cooperating with each other referring to the idea of a tribe), is a concept album with 9 tracks that delve into different musical styles, proposing to unite the energy of Rock, the subtleties of Brazilian music and Jazz, the complexity of Progressive Rock and the soul of Blues improvisations, all seasoned with his very unique technique of playing guitar, called “Melting Guitar” , and guest appearances by Mozart Mello, Michel Leme, Mauro Hector, Zuzo Moussawer, Binho Harris and Bruno Conde.

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The original track “Nico Sorriso”, released on “Ohana”, was composed by Luiz during a period of his life where, together with his wife, he went through many battles to achieve the gift of fatherhood and, after this grace was achieved, nothing better than record it in the form of music. Also, some voices and drumming by Nicolas, who was 3 years old at the time, were included in the track.

For this new video clip release, following the family’s celebration theme of “Ohana”, Luiz re-recorded the voice parts of Nicolas, now 9 years old, for a new version of “Nico Sorriso”, which still had the brilliant son’s participation with new vocal and drum lines created by himself.

The new version of “Nico Sorriso” is an authorial composition by Luiz Oliveira that was recorded at Cabecao Music, in Sao Paulo, produced, mixed and mastered by Caio Fernandes, with the participation of Elizeu Custódio (bass) and Nicolas Oliveira (vocals/drums). Gabriel Panza and Fran Matos (Wave Studios, Santos/SP) were responsible for recording, directing and editing the video, with the support of Loja Musical Store, Cordas Solez (endorser of the musician) and Wizard Luthier.

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Luiz Oliveira is one of the great brazilian guitar references from Santos, Sao Paulo. He started his artistic career in the early 2000s, focused on the progressive rock group Metal Jam, where he gained notoriety in important media in Brazil and abroad, as well as albums distributed in 5 countries that conquered the specialized critics. During his nearly two-decade career, he shared the stage with big names in instrumental music and in the national rock and metal scene, such as Edu FalaschiMozart MelloMichel LemeZuzo MoussawerCaca BarrosCristopher ClarkMauro HectorMaestrickDani Varani (replacing Edu Ardanuy, ex-Dr. Sin), among others. In addition to receiving praise from great names in world music such as Jason Becker (on his own Facebook page) and Michael Angelo Batio, this one in an event in which Luiz was the openinc act.

As a solo guitarist, in 2012 he recorded his first solo, the conceptual “Ohana”, which is centered on the family and where each track is dedicated to a particular musical study, such as hybrid techniques, DADGAD tuning, finger style, hybrid picking, as well as ‘Melting Guitar’, a technique developed by the musician himself. Add to that challenging harmonies, lots of improvisations and sound intentions that invite the listener on a musical journey. It is, without a doubt, Luiz Oliveira‘s most emotional and ambitious work in terms of musical challenges, with riffs, grooves, harmonies and technical solos, proposing a fusion of many musical styles without losing its sound identity.

“Every song in ‘Ohana’ is for a person who is in my heart. I think this work has a mission to show how love can conquer everything. It’s a real story and I feel that it can help many people in this moment in which we live”, says Luiz Oliveira.

Founder of Instituto Luiz Oliveira Guitar Team, he has been working as a music teacher for over 15 years, being responsible for the training of numerous musicians from Santos, including teachers from the institute itself. He was responsible for the soundtrack for the staging of the Foundation of Vila de São Vicente (2012), considered the largest theatrical event in beach sand in the world, with a group of about a thousand actors and which was starred by big names in Brazilian dramaturgy, such as Francisco Cuoco, Humberto Martins, Alexandre Borges, Werner Schunemann, Julia Lemmertz, Cecil Thiré, Isadora Ribeiro, Ney Latorraca, Luigi Baricelli, Bianca Rinaldi, Ary Fontoura, among others.

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Photos by Thiago Cardeal