Canadian cinematic/sci-fi rock band SONS OF ARRAKIS will release debut studio album

This fall, Canadian cinematic/sci-fi rock band SONS OF ARRAKIS 
will release debut studio album on CD and LP

SONS OF ARRAKIS (SOA) is a band based in Montreal formed in June 2019. The formation is fairly influenced by the universe of the Dune novels written by Frank Herbert. The members describe their own music as Melange Rock and Cinematographic Sci-Fi Rock which differentiate them from “the vast sea of stoner rock bands with their lightning armor-piercing torpedo” (Grotesqualizer, 2019). We recommend their music to fans of groups such as SleepWo Fat and Red Fang.
The debut album entitled “Volume I” was released digitally on July 15 this year, while record on a physical format will be released in autumn:

  • 15.11.2022 – vinyl
  • 25.10.2022 – CD via Kazakh label – Careless Records.

Pre-orders can be ordered on the band’s Bandcamp profile. The band released a video to the song “Omniscient Messiah“, which can be viewed at Youtube.

The team leader – Frédéric Couture (Gamma Recording Studio), with whom Francis Duchesne and Luc Boivin (Red Tube Studio) collaborated, are responsible for the recording and production process. Samuel Gemme is responsible for the mixes, while Richard Addison worked on mastering at Trillium Sound Mastering Studio, who in the past has worked with bands such as Dimension XVillainizer and ShattersAlexandre Goulet is responsible for the graphic design, who has collaborated with Despised Icon and Dopethrone, among others.


The concept of Sons of Arrakis revolves around the Dune novels and the known universe imagined by Frank Herbert. We wanted to be a heavy rock band with guitar fuzz and thick drums, but we wanted to recreate a sci-fi atmosphere/vibe in this Volume I. Some people qualify our music as Melange Rock or Dune Metal, but we tend to say that it’s cinematic sci-fi rock. All the songs of the album are on the same tonality, C# minor, and it’s possible to intertwine songs and make intelligible transitions between the songs. We wanted Volume I to be a balance between a concept album and solid single songs. 


1. Shai-Hulud (instrumental) 
2. The Black Mirror  
3. Complete Obliteration 
4. Temple of the Desert 
5. Omniscient Messiah  
6. Lonesome Preacher  
7. Abomination  
8. Shai-Hulud (Sequel)  (instrumental) 


Frédéric Couture – rhythm guitar and vocals 
Francis Duchesne – lead guitar & keys
Vick Trigger – bass guitar 
Eliot Landry – drums


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