CARACH ANGREN Enter Studio to Record Sixth Full-Length

Enter Studio to Record New Album

Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween and what better way to celebrate this event than with a studio announcement from the masters of horror themselves – CARACH ANGREN! The band is currently in studio for the recordings of their 6(66)th full length, which will be released via Season of Mist in 2020. Drummer Namtar has kicked off the recording last week at the Tidal Wave Studio in Germany.

CARACH ANGREN comment: “After many incredible tours meeting our dedicated fans around the globe, we finally return to the studio! Over the past two years a lot of creativity and effort has already flown into preparing our sixth monstrous full length album. For recording drums, bass and guitars we return to familiar grounds, working with the talented Patrick Damiani at his Tidal Wave Studio in Germany while vocals and orchestral arrangements are being prepared in our own crypt. For the mix of the album we welcome a new force, namely Robert Carranza (MARILYN MANSON), who’s work up until now has impressed us very much.  Get ready for another chapter of horror!”

CARACH ANGREN are currently unavailable for interview as they focus on recording.

CARACH ANGREN will be following up 2017’s ‘Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten.’ See what the press had to say about the critically-acclaimed release below:

“Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten is an excellent combination of theatrical horror that meets brutal metal. Carach Angren have sincerely outdone themselves on this captivating delivery of horrifying auras and relentless mayhem.” – 9.5/10 METAL INJECTION

“As an open-minded observer, a casual listen to Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten can be taken simply as a fruitful Carach Angren album enjoyed forwards, backwards, or sideways. Although, the extra treat in play is that the listener can also dive in deep to experience the story from start to finish in all its Gothic and hauntingly theatrical glory.” – 4.5/5 Cryptic Rock

“The bottom line here is that Carach Angren absolutely stepped up their game with ‘Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten’. They’ve very clearly matured in their songwriting abilities and we’re benefiting for it. The dark, rich atmosphere the band so masterfully creates a riveting experience that any fans of black metal will enjoy. I think this is their best work yet and personally cannot wait to see these crazy bastards live again.” – 9/10 Metal Wani

“The album’s audiobook dynamic, accompanied by a juddering metallic soundtrack of orchestral depths and lofty highs, creates a beguiling mix of narrative and dramatic overtures heard best on Song For The Dead, Charlie and psycho-fairytale Blood Queen, which are as spooky as they are heroic.” – 3.5/5 Metal Hammer (UK)

“As one of The Nertherlands’ finest exports, CARACH ANGREN have been haunting listeners with nightmarish conceptual works for nearly a decade.” – Loudwire

“Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten may very well be the best album from the Netherland Black Metal group as they capitalized on the overall creepiness of the lyrics, orchestration, and the simplistic yet fitting guitar riffs. All fans, new and old, I am sure will appreciate the work on this record.” – 7.5/10 Ghost Cult

Seregor: vocals, guitars
Ardek: keyboards, orchestra
Namtar: drums