CEDARS Back in Studio Working on Next Full-Length Album!

CEDARS Back in Studio Working on Next Full-Length Album!

Texas’ electronic rockers CEDARS are back in the studio – work is already underway on the next full-length album!

The band has issued the first studio update:
“We got started on new concepts even as we were gearing up to release Cowards back in June.

While Cowards explores a theme of letting go and shedding what’s no longer needed, this new body of work is a deeper look into what comes alongside that purging, and what can be possible in its place. Cowards really feels like a forest fire. Everything was burning down in our actual lives and that, of course, made its way into the stories on that album and the videos we’ve created from it. But some of the most fertile soil is found after fire removes what’s no longer serving the forest. It makes room for new life. 

But first we sit and sift through the ashes. 

The new album’s title has a lot to do with the pause in-between the burning away and next season. It will explore themes of shadow work and inner patterns, and how the light needs the dark. And as usual, we’re doing it with an expansive and deep soundscape. 

We’re excited. We’ve been in the demo phase for a bit and what’s coming together feels really good, like we’re more settled into who we are individually and as a family.”

Stay tuned for more information!

Just recently the band unleashed their video for ‘Formerly Known’ taken from “Cowards” album. In case you missed it, watch it here: https://youtu.be/o7eG1pJgGD0

CEDARS released their latest album “Cowards” on June 11th 2021, via Gruene Records. 

The band of the concept of the “Cowards” album:
“Cowards,  at its core, is an album about choosing yourself, even in the face of great consequences. So often we find ourselves in situations or systems that ask us to minimize ourselves or our desires or even our needs, but there comes a point where we have to make some really tough choices: do we continue to support the system that is crushing us and building itself on our backs, or do we honour our own still, small voice? 
The album is the story of finding ourselves in a season of life where those choices were very pressing, and very loud, with very real consequences. There are times when death is necessary to make room for the new, the better, and sometimes the knife is in our own hands. The album, though full of heavy moments, is also woven with bright strands of hope and light, the kind that can only come after great loss and struggle. How quietly we go to war.”

Track listing for “Cowards”:
1. Claymore
2. Lost at Sea
3. Chasing Vapor
4. Happy Now
5. Mockingbirds
6. Funeral Dress
7. Formerly Known
8. Give Up The Ghost
9. Bearing Swords
10. Cowards
11. Liminal

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CEDARS is an electronic rock band from central Texas whose music incorporates the DIY ethos of bands like The Pixies and PJ Harvey, the haunting atmospheres of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, and the infectious grooves of MuteMath. CEDARS is more than just a band: it’s is a vision of community, a community driven by the idea that beauty can save the world. Led by longtime friends Sandeigh Kennedy and Drew Heaton, they blend industrial and organic textures, drawing together disparate elements to marry complex sonic landscapes with compelling stories. Gritty synths and wispy vocals; hard hitting beats and delicate textures are the tools they use to tell powerful, authentic stories that explore truth and beauty.

Also watch the earlier videos:
Chasing Vapor – https://youtu.be/lOdGmO6e2kE
Liminal – https://youtu.be/AUTuTIBDXeQ
Lost at Sea – https://youtu.be/PiP1yXRs8YQ
Cowards – https://youtu.be/2x1d9-qYjbg

Photo credit: Courtney Santos-Awkwardeye Photography

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