CELTIC HILLS Finished Recording Upcoming Album, Announce Guest Guitarist

CELTIC HILLS Finished Recording Upcoming Album, Announce Guest Guitarist Gabriele Pala!

Italian legendary Speed/thrash metallers CELTIC HILLS have finished recording their yet untitled upcoming album, coming out via Elevate Records. The release date TBA. Furthermore, Jonathan Vanderbilt, the band’s leader, has announced the guest guitarist, Gabriele Pala, playing solos in two album tracks.

Band’s singer and guitarist Jonathan Vanderbilt stated:
“The new Celtic Hills album is recorded! A guest plays 2 guitar solos: Gabriele Pala (Karnak, Azure Agony, Goldenseed). We are talking about one of the most talented and eclectic musicians of the Italian music circuit. In addition to being a very good guitarist, Gabriele is an expert connoisseur of Chapman Stick, an instrument played with the tapping technique. Thanks to this knowledge he participated in the first (and so far only) album by Celestial Serenity, a project similar to the genre proposed by Cynic, which was attended by musicians from practically every corner of the globe.” 

Gabriele and Jonathan have been friends for several years, and it was only natural that he was a guest to perform the solo of ‘Green Forest’ and ‘Gate of Hollow Earth’. This new album, which will be released by Elevate Records, was also recorded and produced by Michele Guaitoli, singer of Temperance and Vision of Atlantis. 

Jonathan adds: “After the success of Mystai Keltoy we had two paths: to write a record that followed the same trend or to have the courage to take new directions The 10 new tracks are majestic, fast and epic! Gabriele Pala is thrilled to participate in this work which represents a further step forward in the band’s “scharage musik” style.“

Earlier Jonathan revealed on the upcoming album:
“Again this time we will talk about Friuli, and the theory is at work that the location of the American Air Force Base Aviano is used to control an ancient access to the underground world, which has been used by the pagan gods since ancient times. The magical rites of the inhabitants of the mountains and the places where elves, fairies and gnomes once lived among the people are revealed. There are already definitive titles such as The Sound of the Earth in F sharp minor. A text tells how you can use the beneficial energy of the trees at dawn to strengthen your energies, but there will be no lack of historical events that accompany every CELTIC HILLS album.”

The new studio work of Celtic Hills will see the participation as singer of the drummer Simone Cescutti who, after this work will give himself to a career as a singer and guitarist and who greets the fans of the band singing a song! 

2021 has been a very positive year for CELTIC HILLS! The reviews of the ‘Mystai Keltoy’ album have been many, published on the major world newspapers and all with an average rating of around 9.

“Mystai Keltoy” (which is an enigmatic name that alludes to the Eleusian Mysteries) was released on May 15th 2021 via Elevate Records, and it’s inspired by themes ranging from ancient alien civilizations, European pyramids, legends and historical facts of Friuli, as you can already guess from the album cover. The disc was recorded and produced at the Groove Factory in Udine by Michele Guaitoli, a prominent name for being the lead singer of Temperance, Vision of Atlantis, Era.

Order the album here: http://smarturl.it/zr31wj
Stream the album on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5pPqQTeqqhudestuaOr8KC

The formation of the power trio is Simone Cescutti on drums, Jacopo Novello on bass and Jonathan Vanderbilt on vocals and guitars. The cover is hand painted by Sheila Franco, the same girl who painted Blood Over Intents, and represents the myth of the ancient visitors. Jonathan Vanderbilt played and recorded the album with Panico Custom instruments, the Italian sponsor of custom lutherie of Luca Panico di Ravenna, a guitar specially created with the specifications requested by the Canadian guitarist.

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CELTIC HILLS were born in 2010, in 2020 they sign a recording contract with Elevate Records with which they release the album “Blood over Intents” and the EP “Schrage Musik” both in 2020.
 In 2021 another album is out “Mystai Keltoy” produced and recorded by Michele Guaitoli singer of Temperance, Vision of Atlantis and Era. The style played is difficult to place in a single vein of metal, as there are many influences ranging from death to power, with sound elements that can also recall a certain type of 90’s thrash. The singing is quite varied, and for some listeners it may seem unusual in a metal band. power, speed and good melodic lines distinguish the band from others. Between 2010 and 2020 they released “Horns helmet fighters” and for the Slovak Music Globalliance they came out on international compilations on volumes 2,3,4. 

New CELTIC HILLS’ logo was created by https://www.wappenschmied.com.

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