Classic Jack Show Gritty, Raw Emotion With “Now That I Have Your Attention”

Post-hardcore/metalcore band Classic Jack is drawing your attention to their new single “Now That I Have Your Attention” with gritty, raw emotion showcased in the track. The release is available on all platforms July 17th 2023 and comes only days after the band’s announcement of signing with record label Tough Luck Music

Visualizer “Now That I Have Your Attention”

Streaming Video:

Stream “Now That I Have Your Attention”

Tough Luck Music: A Record Label for Artists, by Artists

About Classic Jack:
Salt Lake City post-hardcore/metalcore band Classic Jack embodies the raw, gritty emotion they feel is missing from hard rock music today giving them a post-hardcore edge. Harsh vocals pierce like daggers while their brutal signature sound is unapologetic.

About Tough Luck Music:
Tough Luck Music is dedicated to supporting artists and their creative vision. With a focus on empowering artists, the label aims to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience.

The label’s new approach to the music industry is set to be a game-changer. Offering a range of services to support artists from distribution, merchandise production, playlisting, mixing and mastering, and much more. Tough Luck Music is committed to providing each artist a unique and personalized experience.


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