Corners of Sanctuary Release 80s Inspired Second Single and Video

Corners of Sanctuary Release 80s Inspired Second Single and Video

Philadelphia’s New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal (NWoTAHM) band, Corners of Sanctuary (COS), rolled out the second edition of their 2021 music series with “Blood and Steel: volume two,” this past August, following their critically acclaimed first installment, “Blood and Steel: volume one,” back in March on RFL Records (US). Both Volumes have been hailed as the band’s most dynamic efforts yet:

…with a sound and style comparable to the glory days of Heavy Metal, giving Corners of Sanctuary an authentic edge that other bands may not have.” – Stargazer Music Magazine UK

COS’ large emphasis on melodies and infectious hooks are guaranteed to provide endless enjoyment…it’s bloody good” – Adam McCann, Powerplay Magazine UK

Corners of Sanctuary certainly know how to pack a punch… delivering traditional metal grit, and flair for nailing classic heavy sound, that packs a big fat bloody punch.” – Leanne Evans, Metal Temple

“…There’s a huge development in the band…this EP (Volume Two) is darker than previous releases…” – Rock Era Magazine

Earth Fighter stands as one fist pump, head bang chant along…” – Ripple Music

Blood and Steel: volume two” picks up where Volume One left off, continuing to take COS to a much grittier, darker musical setting to showcase their unique and original modern-classic Heavy Metal sound and style.

A continuation of volume one does not really quite capture what’s happening on volume two…it’s more of an expansion. Every new project, every new release we do as a band is building on what has come before…,” says COS guitarist Mick Michaels.

Volume Two’s” second single and video, “Earth Fighter,” is an 80s inspired track that includes guest performances by Seeker and Corporate Mass guitarist John Coonan who provides an electrifying, emotionally melodic solo, as well as Femmes of Rock bassist Michael Kelly who delivers a haunting keyboard ensemble introduction.

See “Earth Fighter” video here:

Earth Fighter definitely has a throwback sound to it…and that’s because the song was originally written in the 80s…back in 2020 we lost a dear friend…because of everything that was going on in the world, there wasn’t an opportunity to have the closure most people are accustomed to…so we wanted to honor his memory and his accomplishments as an artist and as our brother, in our own way,” Michaels said.

 “Volume Two” was produced by COS founder, primary songwriter and guitarist Mick Michaels, and mastered by Thrash legends Blood Feast guitarist and studio engineer, CJ Scioscia, (Ross the Boss, Mike LePond of Symphony X)at Le Chateau Bow Wow Recording in New Jersey, “Blood and Steel: volume two” rockets on all cylinders and delivers a blistering array of Corners of Sanctuary’s unforgiving classic signature songwriting approach.

Maintaining their traditionally inspired riffing and arrangements, Volume Two continues the charge of Volume One with another battering set of traditionally influenced tracks by the united efforts of the band’s most popular lineup featuring: bassist James Pera, drummer Mad T, guitarist Michaels and singer Frankie Cross.

With 2021 standing as the band’s 10 year anniversary, a full length album, “Blood and Steel: Fight Till the End,” is slated to release on November 12thto commemorate the milestone. The album will include both Volumes One and Two and will contain additional tracks and bonuses.  “Fight Till the End” will be available through RFL Records on CD, vinyl and digitally.“Blood and Steel has turned out to be a multi-layered project about the human condition and how, no matter what, we can withstand, endure and overcome…we are stronger than we know,” added Michaels.

Corners of Sanctuary rounds out 2021 with a limited number of live shows including a performance at the Whisky A Go-Go on December 2nd with Kill Devil Hill as part of a mini West Coast tour, marking the band’s fourth run to the golden-state.

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Show Schedule:
November 20th The Metal Feast – The Nail – Ardmore, PA
December 1st LA Talks Radio – in studio – Los Angeles, CA
December 2nd Whisky A Go-Go w/Kill Devil Hill Hollywood, CA