Delirare – Rising

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

So far, I did not know any rock band from the Central American state of Costa Rica. So Delirare are almost new territory for me. The word “delirare” comes from my knowledge of Latin and means something like “be insane” or “crazy talk”. As a rock / metal musician, but also as a fan you have to be a bit crazy. The idea for the band foundation had singer Natasha Sheik and guitarist Alfonso Chinchilla in the year 2015. Already one year later the 4-Tack debut EP “Delirare” appeared. From this “My Remorse” was decoupled as a single. This was followed by various live performances. On the first album “Rising” the band worked for two years. The result can be reviewed since June of this year.

Sphere sounds, industrial sounds, but later also banging guitars and vocals, that’s the intro “Verse In Tears”. Not bad as a prelude. But on “Away” one hears that the musicians from Central America rock well, rhythmic guitar riffs, nice hooks. And a singer who has an excellent voice. The singing of Natasha Sheik is very pleasant, mostly she sings in middle tunes. But Natasha does not just sing, she also plays the flute, which gives the sound a folkloric touch. But do not worry, Delirare do not play folk rock in the classical sense. With “Flesh And Blood” follow a slightly calmer song. Here the musicians experiment a little with the sounds. At the quiet “My Remorse” Natasha is singing in higher sound regions, while the guitarists play wonderful guitar solos again and again. Technical gadgets give rise to an industrial touch. One of the best songs of the album is “Last Symphony”. A straightforward reef-heavy rock song with exceptional vocal performance. Again, the flute playing provides variety. “Oblivion Island” is a beautiful ballad with great melodies. In the bluesy beginning of “Fingertips” you can hear, among other Latin American and folkloric sounds. But “Labyrinth” sounds a bit doomy. Here Natasha gets vocal support from guitarist Alfonso Chinchilla. At the title song “Rising”, the singer sings in the beginning with a dark, slightly smoky-sounding voice. Later she lets her bell-clear soprano sound. A filigree guitar solo as well as the re duet both singers refine this song. After the band really gets going on again with “Song Of Her World”, “Fuerzas” sets the finale. Here the lyrics were written in the national language Spanish. Once again, the feeling of Latin American folklore, especially thanks to the acoustic guitar. Natasha leaves the vocals to her guitarist and limits herself to playing the flute.

Delirare is a great new discovery for me. The songs on “Rising” are moving in the mid or down tempo range. They are extremely varied and document the different musical influences of the individual musicians, ie rock, latin-rock, blues, doom or even folklore. The band cannot be stuck in a certain drawer. With this sound, you just have to close your eyes and enjoy. As crazy as the band name suggests, Delirare are not.

Delirare – Last Symphony:


Natasha Sheik – Vocals, Flute
Alfonso Chinchilla – Guitar, Vocals
Noé Urtecho – Guitar
César Bustos – Bass
Daniel López – Drums

Label: Self release

Out: June 07th 2019

Playing time: 54:16

Track list:

  • Verse In Tears
  • Away
  • Flesh And Blood
  • My Remorse
  • Last Symphony
  • Oblivion Island
  • Mausoleo (Fresh Roses)
  • Fingertips
  • Labyrinth
  • Rising
  • Song Of Her World
  • Fuerzas

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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