Orodruin ‘Ruins Of Eternity’ Album Review

Orodruin ‘Ruins Of Eternity’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Cruz Del Sur Music/Doom Metal

Who would have thought that it has been sixteen years since Orodruin released their debut album ‘Epicurean Mass’? But after much waiting, the American doom outfit finally return with their sophomore album ‘Ruins Of Eternity’.

Every so often, an album manages to grab the listener and pull them in and that is what ‘Ruins Of Eternity’ is certainly capable of. Orodruin have packed this album full of the grinding doom riffs that have come to be expected of the genre, yet, this album is not a typical bog-standard run of the mill doom album containing elongated passages and twelve-minute plus songs that drag like a seal’s arse. Instead, Orodruin manage to concisely blend the perfect sound of Black Sabbath at their most doom-laden with the hum of Saint Vitus, whilst the vocals of Mike Puleo have all the appeal of Candlemass. Furthermore, tracks such as ‘Man Of Peace’, ‘Grave Illusion’ and ‘Forsaken’ bob along in true doom standard before the band drop a Sabbath style tempo change which is not only pleasing, but exceptionally welcoming and endearing. This is even enhanced by a guitar tone that is classic Iommi, easily being enough to tweak the interest of any Sabbath fan worth their salt, particularly during the guitar solo passages.

‘Ruins Of Eternity’ is a nice surprise amongst the bloated field of doom, it is an honest doom record done correctly and may just be some of the best doom that will be heard this year.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann