Denmark’s Morphide Releases “Anhedonia” LP

Band: Morphide
Country: Denmark
Release: Anhedonia (LP)
Format: CD, digital
Release date: 09/09/2022
Label: IND
Genre: Modern Progressive Metal 

Anhedonia is a self-released debut album by Latvian modern metal band Morphide. The band created a very individualistic experience of swinging emotions, from deep and mesmerizing melodies to crushing breakdowns. Fierce energy, ethereal ambient layers and captivating harmonies – Anhedonia has all of it. Every new song brings something fresh to the table, be it thundering screams or soothing guitar solos. Occasional polyrhythms and inconsistent song structures push the band to the border of prog territory, creating an uncertainty of what is coming next. The album features deep lyricism revolving around personality and self-identity, capturing different struggles and dark side of personhood. Every song is a story on its own, opening up about one of the episodes of the band’s personal experience and observations.

Anhedonia Track List:

  1. Aftermath
  2. Mayhem
  3. Catharsis
  4. Queen of Blame
  5. We are one
  6. Enter the Storm
  7. Akeneo
  8. Panopticon
  9. Cromulent

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