Dreamslave – Rest In Phantasy Album Review

Dreamslave – Rest In Phantasy

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Dreamslave was founded in 2011 by Peter Gothilainen and Mickaël Zanuttin. The two share their enthusiasm for melodic Power Metal and started the songwriting. Later, Emma Jamot and Quent Noizet joined the band. One year later, the first EP was published under the name “Extended Play”. Four of the five songs then landed on the 2015 debut album “Rest In Phantasy”, along with eight new tracks. The album was distributed on its own and has since been in my record collection. The band performed live with several other bands (Whyzdom, Arkona, Lyriel, Elferya) and played at some smaller festivals (H’Elles On Stage V, Female Metal Fest Geneva). Recently, the German metal label Massacre Records became aware of the band and signed them. First, the debut is now rereleased. As singer Emma told me this label deal allows also the production of the successor now.

It should be known that I am not a fan of escalating intros. But the placement of “Join The Phantasy” is quite consistent. It’s also, as the epilogue says, more of an overture to the ensuing fifty-minute orchestral Metal. With “The Dark Crusade” the French are really going on, high-speed guitars and the crystal-clear opera soprano by Emma Jamot inspire from the beginning. In addition, the (not so angry) growls of her bandmate Cédric. In “Masquerade” the singer proves that she not only masters the high soprano. Over long periods you can hear her powerful rock voice here. And the filigree keyboard passages fit very well into the overall sound. E-piano on ocean waves, so “End Of Innocence” starts, one of the best songs of the album for me. Banging riffs almost every second, double bass attacks, epic chorus, and a great guitar solo. After the interlude “Voices Of The Depths” follows with “Torments” another highlight of the album. In the video you can see how Emma sings a duet with herself. “Doomsday” is enriched with discreet industrial elements and rocks straightforward. Just as “Wishes Of Revenge”, that starts with oriental sounds The singer adapts to this with her mostly rocking voice. In “Angel Requiem” is cheerfully quoted from the aria of the “Queen Of The Night” (Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”). This culminates in the absolute highlight, the coloratura from exactly this aria. Emma’s duet partner here is Najib Maftah from the French progressive metal band Stolen Memories. The prelude to “Pirate’s Anthem” reminds me then something to Alestorm. But only for a short time, you can hear flawless symphonic metal again. But even in the short instrumental middle part of the song is folk-like. “The Vinland Saga” (not to be confused with the eponymous song by Leaves’ Eyes) then rocks out of the speakers without frills. The last and longest song of the album “Eternitears” is for a long time a beautiful power-ballad with very epic melodies.

With “Rest In Phantasy” Dreamslave released a fantastic debut album five years ago. It has lost none of its strength and musicality to this day. Emmanuelle Jamot is one of the best female singers in melodic / symphonic metal for me. And her former bandmates on the instruments have created a great sound together with her voice. The album is quite rightly re-released by Massacre in an unchanged version. So, a larger audience can enjoy the music of the French. I am now very excited about the successor. I hope that Dreamslave can prove their creativity and songwriting qualities also on this album.

Dreamslave – Torments: https://youtu.be/U97u0iX2XbY

Lineup (current):

Emmanuelle Jamot (“Elegy Emma”) – Vocals
Cédric Butte (”Peter Gothilainen”) – Keyboard & Vocals
Nils Orka (“Nilßlave”) – Gitarren
Rémi Bou Dargham (“Sajih”) – Bass
Quent Noizet (“Quent”) – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: June 21st, 2019

Playing time: 53:31

Track list:

  • Join The Phantasy (Ouverture)
  • The Dark Crusade
  • Masquerade
  • End Of Innocence
  • Voices Of The Depths (Interlude)
  • Torments
  • Doomsday
  • Wishes Of Revenge
  • Angel Requiem (Feat. Najib Maftah)
  • Pirate’s Anthem
  • The Vinland Saga
  • Eternitears

Rating : 9/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber