ETERNAL CLOSURE Present Highly Ambitious New Album “At the Center of It All”

Streaming Now! Montreal’s ETERNAL CLOSURE Present Highly Ambitious New Album “At the Center of It All”

New Album “At the Center of It All – Chapter I” Out Sept 21st – Produced by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy)

Photo Credit – Sébastien-Charles Boitel
L-R : Marine Lacarrière (guitar), Phil Lemelin (guitar), Olivier Boitel (guitar, back vocals), Katrine Castonguay (main vocals), Philippe Boitel (drums), Jonathan Lauzon (bass, back vocals)

Montreal’s Eternal Closure has a shiny new album “At the Center of It All – Chapter I” ready for ears. One that is more diverse, heavier, and more technical than anything they have done before. It shows how their songwriting abilities have taken a whole new step and incorporate prog, and djent elements simmered in with the solid core base. The lyrics come from the heart about what they stand for, how they feel about a range of subjects, and how they get mad at those who reject nuance and empathy in their lives. They comment on the album:

“We are beyond excited to present our latest work to the public. It is our most ambitious project to date. It features bigger and more intricate arrangements, a more aggressive edge as well an interplay between female and male vocals. We wanted to show how versatile we are but also how heavy we can be. The lyrics are darker and meaner overall, so the music had to reflect that. We’ve decided to split the album into two halves as we felt it would help give the material more chance to breathe. It’s not quite what I’d consider a concept album, but many lyrics and musical ideas are re-used throughout.”

Composed of six tracks, this album is the first of two parts that will have 13 in total. The band split their material like this to allow for maximum breathing time for each release. The second part can be expected next year.

Like their previous records, the album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy), who has become an integral part of the band’s sound. The album artwork was done by Pascal Marcoux and Jonathan Lauzon.

The band is a fun one to watch live, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and the rare sight of three guitarists adds an extra dimension to their music that you never knew you were missing out on. “At The Centre Of It All” is an incredible-sounding record that will blow people’s minds. It is recommended for fans of Periphery, Killswitch Engage, and As I Lay Dying.

The full album “At The Centre Of It All – Chapter I” comes out on September 23, 2022, and can be heard in advance via its stream premiere on TheProgSpace HERE.

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Music Video – “Practice What You Preach” –

Vocal Playthrough – “Exiled” –

Lyric Video – “Dimensions” –

Track Listing:
1. Conflict I (4:48)
2. Practice What You Preach (5:34)
3. Exiled (3:54)
4. Dimensions Apart (3:55)
5. From One Side to Another (4:43)
6. Moonrider (4:32)
Album Length: 27:28

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Katrine Castonguay – Vocals
Olivier Boitel – Guitar, Back Vocals
Jonathan Lauzon – Bass, Back vocals
Philippe Boitel – Drums
Marine Lacarrière – Guitar
Phil Lemelin – Guitar

2022 – At the Center of It All – Chapter I
2020: Color of our Fears Rediscovered – Deluxe Edition
2019: Color of our Fears – LP
2016: Screaming in Silence -LP
2014: Ad Primum – EP

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Eternal Closure is a six-piece, female-fronted metal band from Montreal, Quebec. They stand out from the heavy local scene with their unique blend of aggressive riffs, versatile vocals, and epic melodies. They draw inspiration from various sub-genres such as metalcore, progressive metal, and djent. Their hard work and dedication is only matched by their excessive love for cats.

The group formed by guitarist and singer Olivier Boitel, bassist Jonathan Lauzon, and drummer Philippe Boitel, was recently joined by vocalist Katrine Castonguay as well as guitarists Marine Lacarrière and Phil Lemelin, to evolve into its ultimate form.

The band has created their most ambitious record to date, “At the Center of It All”. The album will be split into two chapters, the first of which will be released in the fall of 2022. The song “Practice What You Preach” will be released as a single a few months prior.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Cryptopsy’s guitarist and sound engineer Christian Donaldson (Shadow of Intent, Beyond Creation, Despised Icon, The Agonist).

Over the past decade, the band explored what makes them unique. Their songs “I Won’t Fall” and “Defying Gravity” have become a staple in Montreal’s metal scene. They have opened for renowned bands like The Agonist, Ice Nine Kills, Beyond Creation, Obey the Brave, and Red Handed Denial.​
Eternal Closure is ready to make its breakthrough in the global metal community and is eager to work relentlessly to reach as many cat-loving metalheads out there as possible!