Finnish melodic death metal band Misaligned released horror movie inspired music video

Photo: ​Jere Hyppönen & Jonas Eriksson

Don’t Get Used to This is the first single from the upcoming debut album by Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Misaligned. The track is relased along with horror movie inspired music video that was filmed in abandoned sausage factory.

Band comments on the new single “Don’t Get Used to This is about equality and that you do not consent to be a victim. Put up your fists and move up against the next challenger. Even if the track sounds aggressive there is a positive message.”

For Misaligned the future brings another single and debut full length album “Colours” to be released later this year. Band shall release music video of each of the album tracks during this year.

Listen to the single:
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Track list:

  1. Don’t Get Used to This

ISRC: FI-7LP-22-00006

Composed and written by Jonas Eriksson