Finnish Pop Metal band Segmentia announces “ALONE” Single & Video

Finnish Pop Metal band SEGMENTIA announces “ALONE” Single & Video release with SODEH Records!

The Finnish pop metal band Segmentia combines metal & pop in their musical brew. The band, which made its first release in 2019, is preparing to release its second EP, from which the song Alone is the second single in a row and at the same time the EP’s title track.

In Alone’s soundscape, cause and effect move – in moods. The song’s straight-forward and robust riffing meets symphonic and melancholic lines at times. The song brings out the energetic and bombastic side of Segmentia, while the previously released single Forget Me represents the bands calmer side.

“Alone tells about a person’s need to be alone when they don’t know how to be alone. We hang on to other people and human relationships like we’re drowning. In such a state one may find constant arguing be the only thing fueling the relationship any longer” explains Jere Luokkamäki (drums).

Pop Metal from the North – SEGMENTIA

ALONE” is available on all digital platforms


Pop Metal band SEGMENTIA is a fireworks display of several music styles based on heavy and pop influenced sounds. The stories of the songs are excerpts from the lives of the individuals and humanity in this world – what things are relevant, what we have experienced, what we should understand about life while we are here and, above all, what we should appreciate and cherish – before we get to look behind the mystic curtain again.

The collective connection of people to each other and to the world around us draws us the steps of our music. Segmentia wants to convey this feeling through its music to its listener, at which point the listener becomes part of this journey and the heavenly flow space caused by music becomes shared!

Vocals: Kansana
Bass: Matti
Guitar: Arttu
Drums: Jere