Fire Follows Feature: “Shedding This Skin” Released Now!


Colorado Springs, Colorado – Fire Follows’ newest single “Shedding This Skin” is a follow-up to Fire Follows prior release “The Puppeteer”. Artist Chris Watt is creating a full sound package as he continues to build his own mechanism of music to connect.

Each single builds upon the other creating a power-metal force at each step! Chris Watt (Fire Follows) continues to team up with leading producers as he makes music he believes in. Following his last single “The Puppeteer” – “Shedding This Skin” continues his journey, and ears are taking note. This isn’t your ordinary convergence of metal parts – this is an entire mechanically and passionately working entity.

Writing/Tracking/Production: Chris Watt
Mix Engineer: Landon Hook
Mastering Engineer: Chris Henderson

Fire Follows is the passion project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Chris Watt. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, Chris does all writing and recording at his home studio… or probably more appropriately referred to as a studio home at this point. Since its inception in 2019, Fire Follows has continued morphing and evolving. Originally with just Chris, to the eventual involvement and contribution of outside musicians, and now swinging back to more of a solo project, the Fire Follows model is very fluid, and will continue to remain flexible as touring and new material will inevitably require contributions from other players. Chris’s goal is very simple… get as many ears to hear the music as possible.

In Chris’s own words, “There are roughly 8 billion people on the planet ya? So the goal is simple, get all 8 billion to hear the music from Fire Follows. I have no interest in making a penny from FF. These songs are literally pieces of my soul, and there is something so powerful about not only sharing that with the world but trying to create an experience that pulls the listener into the energetic space in which each song was created. I always encourage fans to listen to the songs multiple times as they are written in layers, and it takes multiple listens to really get the full effect and experience those layers fully.” FF looks forward to rolling out all new music that was written and recorded in 2022 and hopes to see all of you very soon.


Chris Watt – Fire Follows
First release from the Fire Follows Project was “The Puppeteer”



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