Fly Above Fire ‘Revolution’ Album Review

Fly Above Fire ‘Revolution’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Shine Sound Studios/Hard Rock/Nu-Metal

Considering that the popular rock and metal of the late 90’s and early 00’s created a strange dichotomy of shifting albums by the pallet load whilst being abhorred by everybody was a feat in itself; now, 20 years on, it sits like the elephant in the room. Embracing this elephant are Fly Above Fire as the Texan band release their debut album ‘Revolution’.

It might be safe to say that initially Fly Above Fire and consequently ‘Revolution’ are a band out of time, the whole thing has a whiff of a 2001 Gothic movie soundtrack, but below this is something very contemporary. This is an album dominated by downtuned guitars and heavy downbeats juxtaposed with melodic vocals intertwined with growls. Tracks such as ‘Be Myself’, ‘Silhouette’ and the title track have all the oozing emotion of big name rock acts such as Breaking Benjamin, Skillet and Shinedown; yet, there is something distinctly nu-metal about these performances too, that would tweak the interest of fans of Papa Roach, Sevendust and Godsmack. Furthermore, Fly Above Fire show their excellent calibre of musicianship as ‘How I Feel’ builds from a Korn style bass introduction into a track which could easily be a future anthem.

In fact, it is easy to dislike this album, particularly for the purists; but this is an album of memorable tracks that are exceptionally enjoyable providing a concrete foundation for Fly Above Fire to build upon. This band certainly has the potential to go far.

Rating : 70/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann