Gold Coast Alt-Rockers EYETHEWILD Release Captivating New Single ‘Hollywood Dream’

Gold Coast Alt-Rockers Release Their Captivating New Single ‘Hollywood Dream’

Gold Coast Alt-Rockers Eyethewild release their captivating new single ‘Hollywood Dream’. There is nothing more riveting than experiencing a methodically constructed soundscape oozing with passion and electricity. That is exactly what you can expect from this entrancing new single with rich melodies, evocative hooks and vocals brimming with attitude.

The accompanying Music Video for ‘Hollywood Dream’ is drenched in vivid colors encapsulating the brightness in Eyethewild‘s instrumentation. Swerving effortlessly between moody and raw passages, exhilarating riffs, harmoised solos and resonant vocals underpinned by a driving rhythm section, ‘Hollywood Dream’ is a sonic serotonin boost wrapped in a dark and sultry package! 

Vocalist & Guitarist Astrid Ehrnholm on the new single “A romantic/fanciful love song with big drums and tasty guitar licks, Hollywood Dream is a story about finding love, the right kind of love. After a series of really uninspiring relationships I settled on the notion that the intimacy I was searching for only existed in Hollywood films. Shortly after someone came into my life that restored my hope. “It sounds like a fantasy, but this man of mine he’s got me, got me”. It’s about knowing that this person has you, they encourage you to dream big, to achieve your goals. And there’s electricity, it’s something I’d never experienced and never thought I would”

Eyethewild‘s sound is steeped in the glory years of Hard Rock but with a modern and progressive twist that keeps the listeners’ engaged. Ehrnholm’s captivating vocals range from the sublime and sultry to heat laden belts delivering melodies drenched in sweetness, sorrow and sometimes a little spite! Incorporating a broad range of influences, Eyethewild infuse Folk, Progressive Rock and Metal to create their own Alternative-Rock concoction saturated with attitude and power.


Produced by Eyethewild and Jared Adlam, Machine Lab Recording
Engineered and Mixed by Jared Adlam
Mastered by Paul Blakey, 12th & Vine Post
Music Video Produced by AD8 Films
Directed by Matty Matt