GUINEAPIG: New video and pre-order!

GUINEAPIG: New video and pre-order! 

“Parasite” to be released June 10th on Spikerot Records

Spikerot Records has launched the pre-orders of ‘PARASITE’, new album of Goregrind innovators Guineapig, along with the release of the first track ‘Mermaid In A Manhole’, available on all major digital platforms and in the form of this disturbing video:

Directed by Marco Ristori and Luca Boni (Extreme Video), features the talents of Italian performing artist Stelladiplastica and SFX and make-up artist Carlo Diamantini (‘All The Money In The World’, ‘Tale of Tales’).

Guitarist/Vocalist Fra explains:
The core idea behind the video is that of decontextualizing an element notoriously recognized as beautiful and pure (the mermaid) immersed in a narrow, dark, dirty place (the manhole). In Homer’s Odissey the mermaid is a fascinating but at the same time dangerous being: in a place that is not precisely defined, the protagonist transforms herself, alters herself by changing her nature, without never being a victim of what happens but always leading such events. The video plays with contrasts, opposites, black and white.

‘Parasite’ will be coming out on June 10th in the following formats:

– CD Digipak 

– 400x LP ‘PANDEMIC’ (Black) 

– 100x LP ‘SAPROPHYTE’ (Ultra Clear) – Limited to 100 handnumbered copies

– Digital

– T-Shirt / Longsleeve / Hoodie / Shopper

– Bundles

The pre-order is available HERE

01. Ocular Tormentor

02. Mermaid In A Manhole

03. City Of The Monkey God

04. Taxidermia

05. Urethra Candiru Terror

06. Parasitic Protozoa

07. Supreme Body Bizarre

08. Saprophyte

09. Liquefied

10. Pandemic

11. Zatypota

12. Deformed Doppelganger

13. Ocular Tormentor

Guineapig are:
Fra – Guitar/ vocals

Alessio – Bass/vocals

Giancarlo – Drums

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