Hawaiicore band Crest released their new EP Riptide!

Promo picture by Guilty Visuals

Finnish modern metal band Crest presents their new Hawaiicore style with a new EP Riptide which is released today via Inverse Records. 

Listen/buy Riptide EP: https://push.fm/fl/crest-riptide

In the fall of 2022, after two years of hard work and dedication, the newest EP which carries the name “Riptide” is finally presented. During the pandemic the band spent a lot of time in the studio writing and recording the new material, and shaping the band’s updated, more modern sound.

With the EP’s high technicality combined with mellow and harsh tunes, but above all its well thought out entirety, the new songs bring a fresh breeze to the scene.” 
statesEepi Karppinen / drummer

Crest – Riptide EP (2022)

1. Aloha
2. Tiger Stripes
3. The Wave
4. Hempen Jig Jive
5. Slumberland

EP cover by Michaela Tuomenoksa

Crest – Aloha (single)

Composed by Tero Koponen

Lyrics by Mano Mannila

ISRC-code: FI-3FC-22-70601

Single cover by Michaela Tuomenoksa


Juuso Javanainen, Guitar

Eepi Karppinen, Drums

Tero Loponen, Guitar

Teemu Lehtonen, Bass

Mano Mannila, Vocals


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/crestofficial
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/crest.band
BANDCAMP: https://crest-hawaiicore.bandcamp.com