I’LL BE DAMNED release “FuckYouMoney” video and digital single

In 2022 I’LL BE DAMNED is at it again. Armed with two new members and a constant flow of inspiration from a world gone mad, the band will release the album “Culture” later this upcoming fall on Mighty Music. 

“Fuck You Money” is a heavy, groovy tune that deals with the absurdity of wealth and the current economic inequality. 

I’ll Be Damned is pissed off about politics, religion, the media and society in general. Armed with influences such as Clutch, Down and Rage Against The Machine, the band fuses a potent yet melodic and groovy punch in your face with lyrical sharpness and unifying paroles – with an attitude. The addition of Anders Gyldenøhr (ex-Grope, ex-Hatesphere) on drums and Mark Damgaard on vocals have increased all melodic and heavy aspects of the band – which is showcased in spades on the upcoming new album and particularly in the new digital single “Fuck You Money”. 

I’ll Be Damned new album will be released in the Fall of 2022.

“FuckYouMoney” is out now in digital single and official video. Check out the video in the link below.

Mark Damgaard – vocals 
Boris Tandrup – guitars 
Kristian Sloth – lead guitars 
Jens Lunde – bass 
Anders Gyldenøhr – drums 

Digital single:


Photo by Frederik Angelo Lunde Jacobsen