Illusions of Grandeur: The siren singles

Four previous single singles before the Siren álbum, each single have a different story but at the same time are connected to each other.

“Crossing Over”

It is only the beginning of the siren’s saga, begins to tell the next events the siren and their men are about to face.


It’s about taking control of your own life.It can relate to times when someone or even a group of people have gotten into their own head to think about what they’re doing with their lives.

This is about getting your power back and possessing yourself.

“The Wolf”

In this song we connect the listener to the story line again. Coming out of the song “Crossing Over”, we’ve found ourselves in the Black Forest that sits along the Archeron in the underworld. 

The wolf awaits, haunting us and closer than we realize. The Siren taunts the wolf right back and reflects on her strengths. Riling her men, she reminds them of their own animalistic ways…”we’re all animals, I just have bigger teeth”.

Emerging from the edge of the river of Styx, the Siren and her men prepare to fight for this epic battle that surely awaits.

In between two dimensions, alive but among the dead, they have crossed over.

In The Dark Forest, the Wolf awaits…. 

“The Prophet”

“Much of the second album is set in The Black Forest, The Prophet also awaits. After defeating “The Wolf” the Siren and her men continue on to find Persephone. Misleading the Forest continues to try and confuse the warriors. Along their journey they come upon the Prophet, who promises to guide them in the right direction. Listen to the Prophets words. Guide your thoughts, guide your tongue. Will the Prophet prove to be good, or just another trick of the underworld.“ ~The Siren