IMPERIAL SLAUGHTER sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

IMPERIAL SLAUGHTER sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions; …Vile Slobs set for release on August 13th

IMPERIAL SLAUGHTER make their Horror Pain Gore Death debut with the new album ...Vile Slobs!

Hailing from Dallas Texas, IMPERIAL SLAUGHTER perform direct, pissed off, politically charged Grindcore that seamlessly melds aspects of Hardcore Punk, Crust, Death Metal, Powerviolence and Noisecore. …Vile Slobs showcases 17 filthy offerings of hope and hopelessness in 19 minutes, including a Disrupt cover and a special guest contribution from renowned Danish experimental saxophonist Mette Rasmussen.

IMPERIAL SLAUGHTER’s line up includes Emma Joann Lytle of Vault Dweller, Stefan Gonzalez of Akkolyte, Tae Waters of Guerra Final/Knife Cult/ Monoxide and Brad Langton of Neuromania/Monoxide, and are part of a vibrant scene in the Dallas/Fort Worth area which includes Creeping Death, Devourment, Frozen Soul and Power Trip.

… Vile Slobs was recorded & mixed by Irving Lopez at Anomalous Mind Audio, and mastered by Jack Control (Darkthrone, Nails, Poison Idea) at Enormous Door Mastering. For fans of Agathocles, Anti-Cimex, Cognizant, Disrupt, Haemorrhage, Heresy, Infest, Mob 47, Napalm Death, P.L.F., Repulsion and Totalitar

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  1. Imperially Slaughtered
  2. Human Pollution
  3. Malformed
  4. Gender: Non-Intrusive
  5. Axe To See
  6. …Vile Slobs
  7. Planetary Annihilation
  8. Desires Indulged
  9. Turn It Off
  10. Control
  11. Sour Leather
  12. Layer Upon Layer
  13. Man Is Miserable
  14. Bash Back
  15. Hissing Pigs
  16. Solidarity (Disrupt cover)
  17. Trondheim Slime
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