Instrumental Post Metal Force NAJING sign to ARGONAUTA Records

Instrumental Post Metal Force NAJING sign to ARGONAUTA Records; new single “Melancholia” now streaming

Najing are an instrumental band from Pisa (Italy) formed in 2021 by: Marco Di Chiara (Drums), Marco Neri (Bass) and Andrea Turini (Guitar), with a musical proposal deeply rooted into Post, Doom Metal and Psychedelic tunes.

The idea behind the project is to bring together the various influences of the members to create their own sound. Immediately they start working on their songs and in March 2022 they recorded their self-titled debut album at the Saffa666 Studio with sound engineer Delio Nanni.

“Our goal with this record was to blend the various musical influences of the individual components (Post Rock, Doom Metal, Black Metal, Psychedelic) to create our sound. We painted a dark landscape in which moments of absolute stillness and reflection are alternate with violent outburst”.

Their debut album will be released by ARGONAUTA Records in Spring 2023 and it is highly recommended to fans of PELICANRUSSIAN CIRCLES and CULT OF LUNA.