Interview With Cattle Decapitation

By Neha Sonawane

Halloween theme

The team is invited by an enchantress into her garden

It’s a beautiful night… Under a big banyan tree, she has arranged a comfortable place to sit and


enjoy the Halloween night away from the city show-off

Enchantress has served some sweets n Halloween delights to eat

While enjoying the delights enchantress asks



Q1: Your most horrific moment was…

Watching my niece and nephews lose their father and my mom lose her son.


Q2: If you get a chance to meet an alien; what one favor will you ask?

The same I would ask a genie. Just give me 10 million dollars and we’re good.


Q3: You and your team are on the conspiracy theorists radar….. accused of Satanic practices…

How would you cover it up? (Keep it funny)


Turn the cross back around to its upright position and turn our black clothing inside out that is white on the inside and pretend we’re praising Jesus for the drone flying overhead that’s watching.


Q4: As an enchantress, I give you and your team a chance to make 2 wishes… What will that be???

10 million fucking dollars. And then 10 million more. 10 to myself and my family and the other 10 to help get some homeless people off the street for as long as possible OR gather up all the street dogs in Tijuana, clean them up and give them homes. The 10 mil is for myself so I won’t have to work again and then could instead focus on helping other people and animals since I don’t have to work.


Q5: Choose any one Joker OR Thanos. Why?

I don’t give a fuck about comic books and I haven’t seen the new joker movie but I’m gonna go with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. I can already tell I’m going to love it and him in it. If it sucks and I have to take that back, then I’ll be going with Heath Ledger’s Joker. That performance was insane.



Q6: You have 4 puppets with magical powers to choose from … One with the power of time travel, The second with the Power to live under the water, The third puppet has the power to fly and breathe in space, The forth will give you the ability to be immortal… Which would you choose and why?

The time travel one. So I could go back in time and make adjustments to my life.

Okay now back to reality


Q7: Tell us something exclusive from the jam room

We use other band names to jokingly refer to parts that we’re writing. Not that we’re even influenced by those artists when we’re writing the riffs, it’s just a temporary mnemonic device that also doubles as being funny.


Q8: Fan request Question: Tell us about your inspiration behind the latest album “Death Atlas”

The record before it was a big inspiration. Elementally, The Anthropocene Extinction was “water” and Death Atlas is “fire”. I wanted to purge everything with fire as that’s been a metaphor with how we’re moving forward with the band. That’s just one part though… Most of our stuff clicks right into place and makes sense in a timeline but really, the cover image was what popped in my head first and then the title. And then it all made sense to do and was a natural progression.


Q9: We love the way you add extreme emotions in your tracks, can we expect a similar blend of emotions to connect in the latest album? What’s your honest intention behind the use of extreme emotions in your tracks? 

It’s not necessarily an “intention”, it’s just how things are naturally occurring. Seeing people be emotionally moved by our stuff at shows has been a huge inspiration behind it. All of us like black metal and melodic stuff to an extent and I’m personally really into depressing music like Swans, Bethlehem, Shape of Despair, old Cure, etc… I’ve been into gothic music since the mid to late 80s so there’s always been a dark side there. Being able to incorporate those things that I adore has really not only opened a new chapter for the band but has invigorated my feelings for the band 10 fold.


Q10: Finally, any message to your fans??

See you soon, hopefully doing a true world tour and see places we haven’t seen so hit up your local promoter and let’s do this shit!!!

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