Interview With Heber Pampillon Of Kickin Valentina

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today Heber?

Hey man, I’m doin wonderful


Chaos in Copenhagen EP was released yesterday, How has this EP come out for you guys?

It was recorded in our trip to Denmark, it was amazing, fans are loving it, we are so happy about it.


How did it started for Kickin Valentina?

Rock is dying and we bunch of guys who had the same passion got together and wanted to bring back the true rock back and that is how it started for us.


How things have been for the band in the last 5 years ?

It has been wonderful man, we love every thing and what we do in the band.

Why Kickin Valentina, how did you got that name?


We got the name from a fetish porn star who kicked the man in their testicles, and we kinda like the name and yes.


What are the next plans for the band?


We are touring North America and then probably will plan for other tours.


What are the plans for this holiday season?

Just be with the family and have some wonderful time with the family


What is that one band that you want to play with in your life time?

Aerosmith and Kiss, If we are on just on the stage with KISS that would be the most amazing thing for us


My Holiday wishes to you and everyone at the band

Thanks man, and same to you as well

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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