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By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Editor In Chief, how are you guys doing?

Hey Keith, Thank you for taking some of your time! We’re doing good thank you, excited for the release!

Your third album C’est La Vie is scheduled to be released 24th January, can you tell me about the writing process?

The process for this record has been very different from our previous record since we all got a house together 2 years ago and built ourselves a studio in it. It is great being able to work on the album whenever we feel like it without having to book a studio in advance, book flights etc… as a result The atmosphere was better and the stress was lower than usual!

Tell me how it all started for you guys?

We started releasing singles in 2013 and got a very promising response from people online which lead us to touring and writing our first record “Souvenirs”, been doing it non stop since then!

What are the upcoming plans for the band?

Our 3rd album “C’est la Vie” comes out this friday, this is currently our main focus! We will tour Europe/ Asia / The US this year to support the record and will carry on writing music from then !

The band has grown in a very short spanned time, tell me about the success of the band?

It’s all relative i guess, as a band you always want more success and see other bands reaching more success, more quickly etc… But when we sit and take the time to look back, we’re deeply grateful and appreciative of everything we have achieved with the band. I don’t think there is a single formula for success, and if there was one, i’d still be looking for it! Our thing has always been to be very aware of the industry we’re in, and to try and gather knowledge along the way, so we can avoid repeating the mistakes we’ve made.

What is your opinion on the previous album “Noir’ and the third album “C’est La Vie”?

We love both records equally, to me this is like asking a mom to chose a favourite child, we just love them both equally but C’est la Vie gets the most attention right now because it is our new born.

What is some of the greatest things that happened in the band?

Touring China was monumental and also a very eye-opening experience. Also our first US tour in 2018 remains one of our best memory as a band.

Who are the influences for the band?

We listen to litteraly everything from Metal to jazz, EDM, pop music, rap. I don’t think any of it has a direct influence on our music but the combination of it all definitely does!

How do you look into the future for the band?

We will be announcing some big changes soon,  I don’t want to get into that until then but it will be a major step for us as a band which is very exciting for us!

Do you have a message for the fans?

Thank you

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