WyndRider, a four piece Stoner Doom band from the mountains of East Tennessee will release S/T debut album on March 31st.

For Fans of: Black Sabbath, Steppenwolf, and Budgie

“‘Creator’ broods and lumbers in its verse almost like Candlemass until all seems to take a step back for the guitar solo.” -JJ Koczan

The Obelisk has premired the single “Creator”. 


WyndRider Bandcamp

WyndRider’s debut self-titled album, WyndRider, was recorded in late September by Dan Fehr from The Wizard Productions. The recordings are the most raw, natural sounding form of their songs that the band was able to capture in a studio setting, while still emulating the energy of a live performance. Bands such as Black Sabbath, Steppenwolf, and Budgie inspired their take on a continuation of heavy and psychedelic music. The themes of this album are a culmination of subjects such as apocalypse, alien life, the Satanic Panic, and sarcastic dissection of the Christian Church. It portrays a new version of the physical, biting addictiveness that Rock and Roll inspired for another generation.

With only one single available online since the beginning, the band has moved leaps and bounds, booking in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and around Tennessee. They’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with names such as Caustic Casanova and Book of Wyrms at Holler of Doom II Festival in London, KY, and DizygoteLung, and Gaffer Project in our hometown of Johnson City, TN. They returned to London, KY this fall to play a second festival- Mountains of Metal 7, and Lexington, KY for Revenge of the Toker Day Fest.

WyndRider is: 

Chloe Gould (vocals) 
Joshuwah Herald (bass)
Robbie Willis (guitar)
Richard Bucher (drums) 


Disturbingly Good


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