Jirfiya – Wait For Dawn Album Review

Jirfiya – Wait For Dawn

Album Review By Rainer Kerber







A few days ago, I received an e-mail from France. The sender was Jérôme Thellier, singer and guitarist of the French band Jirfiya. Together with singer Ingrid Denis and bassist Pascal Davoury he founded the band. I could not find much more information. The first Facebook post on the band page is dated April 5 of this year. One can therefore assume that Jirfiya exist since about this date. Already in May, the trio released the first EP. The songs were recorded at Hybreed Studios in France. On drums they have hired a session musician for support. Obviously, the band is still looking for a fourth member at the battery.

After a short introduction with acoustic guitar sounds, the French get going properly. Already “The Report Card” shows that the sound is difficult to assign to a category. The song is extremely riffy. The voice of Ingrid Denis sounds partially technically alienated. But soon you realize that she is a real rock belter. And guitarist Jérôme Thellier occasionally contributes his harsh growls. But even on the guitar he can convince, as the short solo proves. Also, the following tracks like “Under Control” or “To Be Saved” live on these riffs as well as the vocal interplay “Beauty and the Beast”. Though the compositions sound varied. The whole thing gets loosened up by the nice power ballad “A Part Of Light”. Here Denise is required as a singer and shows her best vocal performance in my opinion. But there is no lack of growls, but they are more subtle than the other songs. And the brilliant guitar solo is then the icing on the cake. Amazing. “Waiting For Your Fall” also starts like a ballade first, before later picking up the pace. Again, the technical alienation of the vocal part provides an industrial touch.

It’s hard to believe that the band has obviously only been around for a few months. So mature sounds the debut EP. The songwriting is varied. The vocals of Ingrid Denis and the growls of Jérôme Thellier harmonize very well. The name Jirfiya should certainly be remembered for the future. Assuming the three have the necessary staying power through.

Jirfiya – Under Control: https://youtu.be/5Q082qZdxAs


Ingrid Denis – Vocals
Jérôme Thellier – Guitar, Vocals
Pascal Davoury – Bass
Thomas H. – Session Drums

Label: Self released

Out: May 17th 2019

Playing time: 23:37

Track list:

  • The Report Card
  • Under Control
  • To Be Saved
  • A Part Of Light
  • Waiting For Your Fall

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber