Man Machine Industry ‘Doomsday Clock’ Album Review

Man Machine Industry ‘Doomsday Clock’

Album Review By Adam McCann

GMR Music/Thrash Metal

Man Machine Industry (MMI) began life back at the turn of the millennium as a side project for Jhonny Bergman which took in the popular industrial sound of the time. Twenty years and five albums later, MMI have progressively moved away from that initial sound and into the realms of thrash metal with the band ready to release their sixth studio album ‘Doomsday Clock’.

With ‘Doomsday Clock’, Bergman has pushed MMI to the maximum, any traces of industrial prowess have been erased to create an album that is a storming powerhouse of thrash metal and enjoyable as they come. However, what pulls ‘Doomsday Clock’ out of the quagmire of thrash genericism is the huge boost given from the addition of Erik Mårtensson from melodic hard rockers Eclipse to the songwriting team. What this provides is a professional songwriter into the mix and it stands tall; there are excellent melodies here with some fantastic vocal deliveries giving MMI something that they have never had before. This gives ‘Doomsday Clock’ an anthemic quality, tracks such as ‘King of Lies’, ‘River Turned Red’, ‘By His Hand’ and the superb title track eclipse anything that MMI have written before without losing the sharpened edge of the likes of Testament, Prong and even Judas Priest.

All this makes ‘Doomsday Clock’ an excellent, it is a step away from the old and into an interesting brave new world.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann