Marisa And The Moths ‘Marisa And The Moths’ Album Review

Marisa And The Moths ‘Marisa And The Moths’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Independent Release/Alternative Rock/Grunge

Throughout the decade, here has been quite a revival in grunge style alternative rock and although these bands are yet to reach the global grunge phenomenon of the early 90’s, these bands are comparable in both integrity, energy and punk ethos. Sometimes, a band manages to stand-out from their peers and that has occurred with Marisa And The Moths (MATM) and as the band release their debut album, expectations are beginning to weigh heavy.

Unlike a lot of grunge style alt-rock bands which stick to power-trio, quiet verse, loud chorus of Nirvana, Mudhoney or Pixies; MATM expand on this formula by not only existing as a quintet, but also adding something that isn’t often seen within the stereotypical alternative rock genre and that is a triple guitar attack. This means that these three guitars allow for some frantic dual guitar playing, particularly from Sophie Lloyd whose guitar playing is both excellent and interesting being in-line for a future guitar hero. All this can be seen in the tracks ‘Skin’ and ‘Hope’ where alongside these blistering guitar lines, Marisa Rodriguez battens down the hatches with a voice that can be as raspy as Kurt Cobain or Billy Corgan, but it also lends this debut album to be as accessible Halestorm or Foo Fighters with the potential for the band to light the blue touch paper and send this band into the stratosphere, shifting albums by the pallet load.

‘MATM’ is a decent album which is loaded with expectation, but with it, the band answer with a short, sharp response and with it, that expectation is not needed. For those fans of alternative rock, MATM is definitely worth checking out and I just find its way into a constant rotation.

Rating : 72/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann