Memory of a Meldoy Release New Video: Mouthful of Razors (Re-Mix)

MEMORY OF A MELODYMario Galdos- Vocals
Wade Sigue – Guitar
Roel Castillo – Guitar
Joel Martinez – Bass
Robin Lopez – Drums

Memory of a Melody, the alternative/rock/metal 5 piece bandfrom San Antonio, Texas.  The band has been celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary Edition of their album: “Things That Make You Scream”. and are excited to bring you the single remix of their  new video “Mouthful of Razors” featuring  Bryan Scott of Union Underground and Cult to Follow

Video Production and Edit by: DJ Fellows and Thoughtcast Studios
Original music Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Bryan W. Scott
Original music Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Cory Brunnemann
Mastering by: Anthony Focx

Mouthful of Razors remastered is available on SPOTIFY and other streaming platforms.