For fans of power-pop, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand

It’s easy to write a pop song, anyone can do that, but it’s difficult to make it interesting and so I use the theatrical side to make it more real to me”. This phrase, said once by Danish musician Kim Munk in an interview, sums up pretty well the essence of his band.

Then again, his band – the melancholic and dreamy power-pop Danish act THE BROKEN BEATS – know a thing or two about “pop songs”. With two decades of career, it started off in Aarhus (the second biggest city in Denmark), with a concert in the local hall VoxxHall that was more about theatre than music. Later, The Broken Beats became almost only a “theatre” band, and then it returned to being almost exclusively about music.

At the 7th full-length album, The Broken Beats have seen the passing of more than 60 musicians by its ranks. The only original member left – the singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kim Munk – is one of those musicians with the world on their shoulders. He worked as an electrician, carpenter, cleaning the streets of Aarhus, delivered newspapers and demolition man, and yet, his sensibility to write intelligent pop songs puts him amongst the greatest authors in the Danish scene. “I like to bring something positive in a world where we have to follow in the newspapers how much people suffer constantly or how we should look or act”, he says.

“The Gig”, The Broken Dreams latest album, that now gets an International release, mixes these feelings of powerless melancholia with a sense of happiness for life that Munk just cannot shake off. Most often, songwriters die at 27 years old. The Dane comments that life after this age, after the death that didn’t occur, is “Extremely beautiful and a supernatural paradise to be allowed in”.

So, ladies and gentlemen down there on the left and at the very back down, the party is far from over. In fact, with “The Gig”, it has just begun. A party with pompous power-pop songs, intimate moments, with arrangements, Christmas carols, and with the rich color palette of life being through Munk’s eyes. So, smoke machines, confetti cannons, and illusory machines are in position; redeem your ticket for a show of top-class entertainment and, not least, for first-class music.

“The Gig” will be released outside of Denmark on 11th December 2020.

Recording line-up:
Kim Munk – voc/guitarSimon Stadsholt – voc/BassSimon Meiner – Voc/drumsJakob Ridder Povlsen – ViolinJohanne Andersson – voc/CelloMikkel Almholt – voc/key/piano