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Today we bring you the We Got You Covered Project!

Logo printed facemasks perfect for bands and musicians.

“We Got You Covered” is one of the first services for printing facemasks with your logo. Since wearing facemasks in 2020 is mandatory in most of the countries, why not having an original one?
You play in a band and sadly you won’t keep live concerts very soon? Print and sell some facemasks with your band logo, so people will support you.
You run a bar/venue and you need them for your employees? Or, why not, for your clients? Put your name on a facemask!
Run a website, label, booking agency and you need promotion as well? Certainly, your facemasks will take your name in the streets!
“We Got You Covered” masks are not a medical-grade but do meet the recommend CDC standard for face-covering protection when in public.
“We Got You Covered” is a Metal Under Moonlight (booking agency) and Kraken (merch company) alliance.


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