Minneapolis Cinematic Metal Quintet AFTERTIME Release New EP ‘Infinite Legacy’


Minneapolis Cinematic Metal Quintet 
Release Virtuosic New EP ‘Infinite Legacy’

Minneapolis-based Cinematic Metal outfit AfterTime unveil their virtuosic new EP “Infinite Legacy” with a bonus reimagined introspective ballad “Reflection”. Building upon their potent blend of Symphonic Metal and vibrant score-driven influences with memorable arrangements and ambitious song structures, “Infinite Legacy” showcases a band that is bold & confident in their unique sound.

“Reflection” introduces itself with reverb soaked resonant vocals sitting atop a somber piano melody to create a haunting concoction that will stay with the listener for a long time after the song has ended. Highlighting a more sophisticated side of AfterTime, “Reflection” is a brooding melodic tale with sonically diverse layers, ethereal vocals and masterful instrumentation.

Vocalist Sarah Wolf speaks: “Reflection has been a fan favorite for quite some time, so I knew I had to take extra care with how the new version was handled vocally. In the end, I decided to keep the verses and choruses mostly the same, with the primary changes coming from my ad libbed cries at the climax of the song. Joost (our producer) also threw in some fun reverb effects that make the song overall feel much more ethereal. It’ll be interesting to see which version fans ultimately prefer.”

Lucas Weide speaks on “Reflection” Music Video: “The rest of the band trusted me enough to let me direct the music video.  We decided to have a super duper diy/guerilla filming session at two different locations along the Mississippi river.  It was an adventure getting to the locations but well worth it in the end.”

Guitarist Brad Sturgis speaks on the EP release: “Infinite Legacy serves as a follow up to our album The Farthest Shore. The songs tell of how humanity has always had the urge to explore, make their own legacies, and carve their own paths across this world. The EP consists of two brand new songs, two revisited versions of classic AfterTime songs, and a special orchestral medley that recaps the journey!”

 Coming off a successful release of their previous studio efforts such as “The Fall Of Light (2016)”, “World We’ve Lost (2017)”  and “The Farthest Shore (2020)” which saw the band share stages alongside Epica, Hammerfall & Delain, AfterTime continue to prove their affinity towards high-quality production and willingness to expand their creative horizons. With their recent signing to Hard Drive Agency and the release of “Infinite Legacy”AfterTime are ready to carve their way through the North American Heavy Metal scene and beyond!

1. Infinite Legacy
2. Forge Your Destiny
3. Reflection
4. The Dream is Still Alive
5. A Voyage Remembered

“Infinite Legacy” is available for order via https://aftertimeshop.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AfterTimeBand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aftertime_official/
Youtube: https://bit.ly/AfterTimeYT
Music: http://bit.ly/AfterTimeSpotify
Store: https://aftertimeshop.com

Choir by MPLS imPuls & Directed by Samuel Grace
Vocal Recording & Production by Andy Gwynn, Rez Room Studios
Drums Engineered by Zachary Hollander, The Terrarium Recording Studio
Orchestrations and Programming by Lukas Knoebl, www.aeonata.com
Mixed by Joost van den Broek, Sandlane Recording Facilities
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren, Amsterdam Mastering
Photography by Ruby Glass Media
Artwork by Jan Yrlund, Darkgrove Design
Music Video Directed & Edited by Lucas Weide