MISANTROPHIA: Releases Music Video For New Single “Diamonds”

The video of “Diamonds”, the new single from MISANTROPHIA, is available at this location. The track is now streaming on Spotify and on all digital platforms via Ad Noctem Records. The recording sessions took place at the VaulTKat Studio, under the guidance of Matteo Turla, former guitarist of the band. Davide Aroldi took care of mixing and mastering.

The video is by well-known videomaker Stefano Mastronicola.

The sound of MISANTROPHIA has no boundaries. While boasting roots in metalcore and deathcore, it is the result of a continuous musical research drawing influences from djent, classic heavy metal and electronics. A very emotional sound, often dark and negative, that the band aims to express with every single note.
Frontman Matteo Truppa states:
We are very satisfied and enthusiastic about the work done with ‘Diamonds’, it is without doubt the beginning of a new musical journey. Where will it take us? Hard to say. What I have always loved about this band is that we never ask ourselves any questions and / or limit ourselves; we have never started a project by telling ourselves ‘it has to sound this way or that other way’. We just do what we like. It is our way of experiencing music: absolute freedom, free from trends or any external pressure. I hope you like this song, at least as much as we love it and hold on tight, this is just the beginning!”

Listen to “Diamonds”: https://bfan.link/diamonds-4