Montreal’s Queen of Soul/Rock Releases BLUE MONDAY Single & Video

Montreal’s Queen of Soul/Rock cements her position by dropping a serious follow up to her debut album with BLUE MONDAY Single & Video with SODEH Records!

Gutsy Riiver Brukes adds another hit to her expanding repertoire of hooky songs. Following on from the success of her debut album, ‘Reformed Soul’, comes the first of some fabulous, soul infused rock as she releases her latest single, ‘Blue Monday’.

“No one is infallible, including those who do us wrong. We cannot force someone to love us more or less – and there is no sincerity in staying ‘just because…’. You will only waste more of your precious time – and theirs. Respect and love is a two way street.  If you are going nowhere down a one way street, then perhaps it’s time to try a different route…

Almost all of my songs touch on inner strength, personal value and character in some way. It’s the essence of who we are and how we deal with situations. I tend to think of each song as a short story, a snapshot, an experience. But also a reminder of the importance of caring for each other, in a World that can oftentimes seem too fast, cruel and lacking in empathy.

Life is short and uniquely personal and it is important that we live it in a way that brings us genuine happiness. None of us know what is in store, so don’t put up with nonsense, get on with living and use your time doing whatever means the most to you and those you love.” explains Riiver Brukes

BLUE MONDAY is available on:


& all other digital platforms!


Riiver Brukes has been making waves her way. Scottish born and currently Canadian, Riiver Brukes is a prime example of someone not requiring a lot of teaching. Her unusual gritty and soulful voice brings a powerful edge to some amazing hook laden songs, and is influenced by a broad spectrum of genres and artists, but especially her passion for jazz and blues. Rising through a foundation built from various bands including pop band Cicero (#11 European Dance Charts), Edinburgh’s very own Riiver Brukes releases her first solo album, ‘Reformed Soul’ (co-written and produced by Joe Segreti: Bruno Pelletier, Mooch). Music that oozes nothing less than the attitude, character and soul of this Scottish Lassie. 

For her latest release and the upcoming EP Riiver has: George Papafilys (Guitar), Andre Bisson (Keyboards), Lewis Orenstein (Bass) and Ben Vezina (Drums) and lastly Kevin Jardine (Production and Engineering).

“With more soul than two Southern Baptist choirs Riiver Brukes is the real deal, total package! Sit back, relax, and let her learn ya a thing or two about the way that music is supposed to be made!” – XStream Noise Radio

“One of the highlights of 2021 on Banks Radio Australia, refreshing sound, warm and uplifting, amazing vocals and vibe, sensational!” – BanksRadio Australia