NCS Presents New Single “Avarice” Off Féleth’s Upcoming Album “Divine Blight”

NCS Presents New Single “Avarice” Off Féleth’s Upcoming Album “Divine Blight”

Mixed and Mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy)

Norway’s Féleth has a rockin’ new album coming out this year, and they are premiering their second single “Avarice”. They released their first single “Majesty” recently and considering it is the first track on the album and “Avarice” is the last, they stand as the pillars keeping eight crushing tracks between them. Through their technical metal blended with melodic death metal, they try to invoke a feeling of calculated brutalism, mixed with some grim undertones. The singles they’re releasing are first and foremost an appetizer for what’s to come.

“Avarice” was written by just jamming, which one can easily hear in certain parts where the instruments are chaotic, yet totally in line with each other. A somewhat basic song structure, but with highly aggressive riffs and big atmospheric leads. At the end, they transposed the chorus down half a step turning the song into borderline black metal out of nowhere. Lyrically, we are witnessing the king-like figure from “Majesty”, declaring war on everything and itself. The hook is written in the first person from the view of the general greed and hate that lies in the hearts of men, but grimmer. A song focused more on vocal delivery than epic poetry. Féleth explains the song further:

“When it came to choosing our second single it was a bit more of a hassle. Eventually, it came down to “Avarice”. True to tradition, we wrote one song as a band. Meaning we made it together at a rehearsal. It has a different vibe than most other songs we have. Having shared small bits and pieces with some of our close friends who are also fans, we expect people to be genuinely positively surprised when they hear our evolution from the more old-school approach to melodic death metal. While still holding onto our ‘’sound’’, we’ve gone a bit more technical and focused on better song structures with bigger hooks, taking inspiration from bands such as Shadow of Intent.”

Féleth was formed off remnants from a thrash metal band, which brought in Espen Dagenborg for more extreme vocals. They wanted to go deeper into the more extreme and technical aspects of metal and thus have made it their own.

Féleth’s brand of Northern Norwegian technical death rock is recommended for fans of Shadow of Intent, Archspire, and Fit For An Autopsy.

“Avarice” can be heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

The album “Divine Blight” comes out on November 11, 2022.

Music Video – Majesty –

Track Listing:
1. Majesty – 03:46
2. Caretaker – 03:58
3. Riven – 03:51
4. En Elskovsdans – 03:10
5. The Serpent – 03:32
6. Casanova – 03:35
7. Deadlands – 04:26
8. Absence – 04:09
9. USA – 05:32 ft. gust vocals Petter Carlsen
10. Avarice – 05:33
Album Length: 41:37

Album Credits:
All songs performed by Féleth
Guest vocalist Petter Carlsen on USA
All songs written by Féleth
Produced by Féleth
Mixed and Mastered by Christian Donaldson
Assistant Engineer Jonathan Mazzeo
Album Artwork by Kahinienn Graphix

Live and Album Lineup:
Espen Dagenborg – Vocals
Thomas Nyvoll – Guitar
Alexander Stamnes – Guitar
Brage Ingebrigtsen Westgaard – Bass
Aleksander Alsen – Drums

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