Nervcast – ‘Two Weeks Notice’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Independent Release/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

It was difficult for Nervcast to not hit the ground running with their enjoyable debut album ‘Locked And Loaded’ being released last year and following this, the Canadian metalheads are releasing their latest EP ‘Two Weeks Notice’.

The difference between big, established bands and those fighting within the heavy metal trenches is that Nervcast have not released an EP that contains nothing more than leftovers from the ‘Locked And Loaded’ sessions in some vain attempt to cash in on songs that didn’t make the album cut. No, in fact, far from it, ‘Two Weeks Notice’ shows a band hungry for success and in the middle of a creative peak; these four tracks are not only immediately catchy, but also fun and memorable. Tracks such as ‘Lie Here Awake’ and the title track have all the superficiality of 90’s Metallica whilst digging beneath the surface, there is a deeper tonality that appeals to fans of both Jeff Waters and Dave Mustaine.

Yet, this EP is not stuck in 1996, it sounds fresh and modern allowing listeners to sample what Nervcast are capable of; from modern thrashing battering rams, through enjoyable hard rock with a touch of acoustic guitar and interesting vocal harmonies. ‘Two Weeks Notice’ is a stop gap that shows a band pushing forward and based on what this EP offers, expectation will be high for the band’s sophomore album.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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