New York Speed-Metallers SHADOWSTRIKE Release Virtuosic EP ‘Fables & Folklore’


New York Speed-Metallers Release Virtuosic EP ‘Fables & Folklore’ 

New York Speed-Metallers ShadowStrike release a sonic voyage through Power Metal infused Fantastical Lands in the form of their magnetic new EP ‘Fables & Folklore’ via Avalon Records.

Brimming with warm sonorities of spectacular orchestral layers, savage riffs, blistering solos and infectious melodies, Shadowstrike’s latest offering is a power metal masterpiece that evokes the polished ferociousness of Legendries such as Dragonforce & Stratovarius. Vocalist Matt Krais flaunts his signature multi-octave belts swerving between sublime and siren, bolstered by face melting yet colourful soundscape saturated in the band’s signature Folk & Speed Metal sound. Mixed & mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn, Aquaria), ‘Fables & Folklore’ is a vibrant, cinematic, enthralling and all-encompassing journey. 

ShadowStrike on the new EP “The main aim of Fables and Folklore is to incorporate folk elements into our own tried and true power metal brew. Listeners embark on their journey with the single “Once Upon a Beginning”, a fast-paced and uplifting hymn whose midpoint starts unveiling the songwriting’s new musical adornments. Following is the EP’s title track, where the two styles come to the fore and beautifully compliment one another. Here, both the meter and heavier tone elicit an imposing mood, while the chorus’ fantastical lyrical content alludes to the classic epic “Beowulf”. The third and final song, “Space Pirates from the Boomerang Nebula”, is an elaborate and spirited piece that playfully explores the inspiration one can find in unbridled fantasy” 

Coming off a successful release of their debut album ‘Legends of Human Spirit’, notably deemed as “the best power metal album of the year” by Bandcamp’s editorial team, ShawdowStrike have been garnering a large following around the globe. With ‘Fables and Folklore’, the band delivers another strong offering, doing what they do best and yet making a point of exploring their potential further. All in all, this EP certainly has enough firepower to please the fans of the band and rally more discerning metalheads to ShadowStrike’s cause.

‘Fables & Folklore’ is Out Now via


Mixed and Mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios
All compositions and Orchestrations by Jon Krais, Ryan Patane, and Matt Krais
Music and lyrics by Jon Krais
Drums performed by Cory Hofing, Crimson Shadows
Artwork by Maria Schweitzer
Photography by Matt Krais