Norna share final teaser from upcoming album

Swiss/Swedish post-metal trio Norna (feat. members from Breach, Ølten, The Old Wind…) share final teaser from upcoming album to be released this fall through Vinter Records.

“The time has come to leave our working name A.T.A
Out from the shadows we bring the beast, we bring – NORNA.”

After already sharing two short video glances from its work, Swedish/Swiss post-metal trio Norna (formerly known as A.T.A, and reuniting Tomas Liljedahl (ex-Breach, The Old Wind) x Christophe Macquat & Marc Theurillat, both members of instrumental post-noise/sludge trio ØLTEN.) just unveiled a third and final teaser announcing the released of its debut album.

This first full-length album will be released this fall on physical & digital through the Norwegian label VINTER RECORDS founded by members of the band SÂVER.

…For the record…

(Swedish singular for Norns)
Female beeings who rule the destiny of gods, godesess and men.
Residing by the base of Yggdrasil weaveing with the roots to create destiny and fate.

At the beginning, Chris wanted to create a new project in parallel to Olten and with a specific singer in mind : Tomas Liljedahl known from Breach and The old wind. The sound we are going for is pure ugliness, vile and extremely unpleasant tones with a breeze of melancholy. Scaled, cold and raw as a 3 piece band.