Operation Blockhead unveiled new music video “Part-Time Loser”

Swiss Hard-Rock / Punk power trio Operation Blockhead unveiled new music video “Part-Time Loser” // New album ‘The Desolation Flag’ out now on CD & Digital through the main legal platforms.

A few days after the official release of their brand new album, Swiss hard-rock/punk-rockers Operation Blockhead just unveiled a new official music video illustrating the song “Part-Time Loser” and available right now on YouTube.

For reminder, ‘The Desolation Flag’ is still available right now on CD & Digital through the main legal platforms (Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify…) + FREE STREAMING on Bandcamp.

Operation Blockhead is a hard rock/punk rock band founded in February 2005 in Châtel-St-Denis (Switzerland).

After two shows as a temporary cover band, the four friends realize that despite their terrible lack of talent, they all wanted to keep making music together. They decide to keep going because they all want to get better (not quite there yet) and especially because music is cool ! So the band releases their first EP in 2008, and a 13-track album named “Wanted” in 2010.

Following the planetary success of the album and the departure of a quarter of the team, OB starts playing as a three-piece (you do the math) and releases “The Failed Race for Success” in October 2012. They play a series of gigs such as Balelec, Caprices Festival Off, Long’I’Rock Festival… And perform as opening act for Chris Slade (former AC/CD drummer), John Corabi (former Motley Crüe singer), Bruce Kulick (former Kiss guitarist) and Crucified Barbara.

The band goes on another studio adventure in 2015 and releases a third album called “Dope City” in December. OB gets the opportunity to tour twice in Eastern Europe (#pivo).

In 2017 and after twelve years of good and faithful service, Aurélia (drums) decides to leave the band to start a new life in Italy. Since we all know that pizza and spaghetti beat raclette and fondue, who could blame her?

A new drummer magically appears in 2018 and the story goes on with a fourth album, “The Desolation Flag”, in October 2021

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