Orpheus Omega ‘Wear Your Sins’ Album Review

Orpheus Omega ‘Wear Your Sins’

Album Review By Adam McCann

EVP Recordings/Melodic Death Metal

In their relatively short time, Australia’s Orpheus Omega have delivered a string of excellent melodic death metal that easily manages to stand out from the monotony of the generic sound that many bands from this genre fall into. This year has Orpheus Omega release their fourth studio album ‘Wear Your Sins’, the long awaited follow up to 2015’s ‘Partum Vita Mortem’.

The latest offering from this band manages to connect thousands of miles of difference between Gothenburg and Melbourne. Yes, the sound on this album is one that sticks true to what Orpheus Omega fans are used to, being right at home in Scandinavia somewhere circa 1998, hugely appealing to fans of Dark Tranquillity and In Flames, but also something beyond Sweden with a Mors Principium Est vibe. Yet, what makes ‘Wear Your Sins’ inherently different, is the large exhibition of Aussie tenacity. This bravado allows the band to incorporate elements of other music beyond the usual melodic death metal sound; for example, there are excellent keyboard solos during ‘Insinerate’ and ‘When Hope Gives Way To Reason’ that have a touch of Stratovarius in their prime, allowing ‘Wear Your Sins’ to be taken to another level entirely. Alongside this, the album takes in some fantastic soaring vocal harmonies that almost provide an excellent duality with the standard melodic death metal growls.

There is no doubt that with ‘Wear Your Sins’, Orpheus Omega have excelled themselves. This album is not only a release of excellent melodic death metal, showcasing that it is not only Europeans that can do this genre justice. As for the band, ‘Wear Your Sins’ may just be the bands best release to date and fans of the melodic death metal genre should go out and add this album to their collection right now.

Rating : 86/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann