PATRI GRIEF unleashes the hounds with her Dog ‘N’ Roll band CONAN & THE MALIS 3rd Single & Video “I FOUND A STICK” with SODEH Records!

Get your paws ready to rock, dogs and dog owners! This Dog ‘N’ Roll band that will make your head bang to the groovy bass, strong riffs and catchy melodies. Get ready for some canine topics, as these good boys only write about important dog matters!

So far, nobody has written Dog ‘N’ Roll music with important dog themes, with titles like “Going for a Walk”, “All of the Butts”, “Dog N’ Roll”, “Chasing the Cats”, “Son of a Bitch” and “I found a Stick”. This is why Conan & the Malis are here, giving a voice to an entire generation of dogs and their dog owners as well as raising awareness to the great misconception that Belgian Shepherd Malinois are an evil dangerous breed.

“At “Conan & the Malis” we only want to talk about important stuff, and we thought that “I found a stick” was a must in terms of songwriting. I, as a Daschund, don’t care much about sticks, but my Belgian Shepherd friends like them a lot! I wanted to write a dog anthem, something that could be howled by everyone at once. That’s when the chorus popped into my mind. It’s catchy, it makes your tail wag, and it’s kinda easy to sing: it really slaps during gigs, everydog love it. The riff gets everyone in the mood of jumping if they weren’t there already, and the whole song is just a hell of a party. Quenten’s bass leads the groove all the time, the drums are consistent, and Flecho’s riffs and solos are simply great. I truly enjoy the part in which we get to harmonize his guitars and my keytars, just before the riff/woof break. I am certain that the doggos out there will enjoy this song as much as we did composing it.” explains Front dog Conan.

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Patri Grief is a Spanish guitarist and composer known for her fast and tight technique and her axe-shaped guitars. She started playing classical guitar at the age of 9, and the rest is history. Forming her first band at the age of 15, a year later the idea of Norwald, came to her when she was 16, and soon after she started creating the whole world in which the stories of her music would be developed. The solid line-up and notoriety of Norwald wouldn’t appear until some years later, but during that time, Patri didn’t stop playing as a hired gun, studio sessions and getting to hit the stage as the opening act for one of the most popular Spanish bands, Mägo de Oz.

During the still period of the Covid-19 crisis, creative as she has always been, Patri created a band in which her dogs would be the main characters: Conan & the Malis, with a heavy metal, more classical rock style this time. When it was possible for her to travel, she went to Belgium to record music at Opus Magnum Studio with the producer Déhà, releasing 4 songs of a more experimental modern metal style. It’s with this incredibly talented musician and producer with whom she would later on record “Going for a Walk”, Conan & the Malis’ debut album.

 The epidemic was hard on everyone, but no industry felt it harder than the music industry. All shows and tours, the majority of any musicians income, were cancelled almost overnight. Patri has a GoFundMe is a way to help raise funds to complete the album and at the same time to organize a good pre-sale of the album in order to make it the best it can be before it gets released! It’s also great because this way we can offer more than we would have thought to produce on our own thanks to you, our beloved dog lovers.

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