Portland’s The Misery Men has announced star-studded new album ‘Devillusion’

The Misery Men have gone all out on their third studio album, ‘Devillusion’. Due out on Desert Records on October 1st, 2021.

Corey asked Chris Newman (Napalm Beach, Snow Bud and the Flower People) to collaborate on something, unfortunately his health took a turn for the worse and Chris passed May 5th 2021. So Rob Wrong (Witch Mountain) and Corey decided they needed to honor him and record a couple songs. They contacted Sam Henry (Napalm Beach, The Wipers, Jenny Don’t and the Spurs) to play drums and it just made sense to have Kelly Halliburton (Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows, Jenny Don’t and the Spurs) to play bass. They also recruited Jeffrey Larson (Lucky 13’s, Misfortunes of Mr Teal) to play rhythm guitar along with Rob Wrong on lead, and Corey just on vocals. They recorded “Cat With Nine Lives” by Napalm Beach and The Reaper by Snow Bud and the Flower People.

Add a PJ Harvey cover song, Billy Anderson (legendary producer) on bass guitar, Ian Caton (Breath) on drums, and Tad Doyle (TAD, Brother of the Sonic Cloth) mastering the album, this is quite a project!

L to R: Corey Lewis, Rob Wrong, Jeff Larson, Sam Henry

Side A:

Devil’s Balls 4:28

Werewolf 5:29

Iron Front 5:43

Cat With Nine Lives 4:34

Side B:

The Reaper 2:52

Tardigrades 5:34

Nirürth 4:22

To Bring You My Love 5:59