Shredguy Records presents the American release of the AMORIELLO debut LP


Shredguy Records presents the American release of the AMORIELLO debut LP for the first time on compact disk.  This song-oriented neoclassical recording features an all ex-Yngwie vocal lineup and includes former members of Black Sabbath, Dio, Whitesnake, Impellitteri, Cacophony, and the Michael Schenker Group. Guests of note include Vinny Appice, Neal Murray, Mark Boals, Mike Vescera, Göran Edman, Phil Soussan, John Macaluso, Shane Gaalaas, Atma Anur and more. Also available on vinyl from H42 Records.

“Fans looking for a neoclassical guitar feast should look no further than this album. In fact, this album is much better than the past several Yngwie albums in my opinion. The mix of the album is very open and organic sounding, very fresh and each instrument is heard clearly and distinctly. Thomas Amoriello has penned these exquisite songs that fans of classical shred guitar should really enjoy.”  Alex “Dr Metal” Yarborough, Orlando Contributor,

“We are not talking about a retrospective nostalgia cocktails; Amoriello may actually be at the front to even make
the genre palatable to younger generation.”    Legacy- The Voice form the Darkside

“Ultimately, though, it’s his songs that can really convince the rest, and guitar freaks should get their money’s worth. It all reminds a bit of the good vocalized records of Shrapnel Records from the eighties, just with this Dio / Sabbath touch. Do not be put off by the namedropping fuss!”from Deaf Forever

“…we can say Amoriello is quite a good guitarist, already there are really a few spectacular things here to hear. The record does open nicely with two pure heavy metal songs, which strongly affect the period of Dio with Black
Sabbath. While the rest of ‘Amoriello’ is more of a theatrical and bombastic show style. The advantage that the six songs have vocals, is that they are excellently sung and played.”  Rock Tribune

“Time and again, there is this metal-obsessed guitar nerd like Thomas Amoriello, who drives it to release an album in the style of their favorite music. The faves of guitarist Amoriello range from dark heavy rock in the style of a Dio to Yngwie Malmsteen and he does not hide that.”  Eclipsed Rock Magazine

“Suitable for those wishing to remember the cramps in their forearms after trying to play Malmsteen’s
work.”  Metal-Roos