SLAGMAUR Ink Deal With Prophecy Productions

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Norwegian black metal visionaries SLAGMAUR have inked a multi-album deal in blood with Prophecy Productions

SLAGMAUR will release their forthcoming fourth full-length via the label.

SLAGMAUR comment: “For anyone following along, Prophecy Productions is without a doubt the record label that is on everyone’s lips”, mastermind General Gribbsphiiser declares. “This is where all creative souls should dwell to be able to spread their music, visual art, and messages in many formats. We will always look back fondly at our former label, but we want to expand our network to work with music and art in a wider format from now on.”

SLAGMAUR have been added to the billing of Prophecy Fest 2023!

As a means of introduction, SLAGMAUR present their video-clip ‘Wildkatze’ taken from the forthcoming new album at this link:

SLAGMAUR have earned a reputation as one of the most terrifying black metal bands. The Norwegians have built an international die-hard fan base, toured the world, and stole the show repeatedly as a highlight of major festivals. Although critics have been quick to recognize SLAGMAUR’s genius, they have struggled to describe their radically individualistic and inventive art. There are only two proper reactions to SLAGMAUR: utter silence or Munchian screams.

SLAGMAUR’s tall tales are brewed from an admixture of folklore, children’s rhymes, fairy tales, local stories, WWII, and varied manifestations of evil. The result is sadistic fun guaranteed to slaughter your whole family – a psychedelic carnival as seen through the darkest, blood-splattered lenses. In fact, SLAGMAUR’s grand psychotic visions have birthed some of the genre’s very best artwork as well as many of the most barbarous live performances in history.

SLAGMAUR’s all-consuming, multi-layered compositions masterfully incorporate gorgeous classical melodies. Their elite brand of ‘Truly Horrific Fosen Black Metal’ is enriched by components of industrial metal, jazz, doom, noise rock, and other musical genres.

Although SLAGMAUR hail from outside the city, this proud product of the greater Trøndelag region will forever be remembered as a pioneer of the Trondheim-based movement ‘Nidrosian Black Metal’. In fact, founder, composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist General Gribbsphiiser formally participated in a baptismal ceremony wherein blood was spilled and shared with other major players that defined the scene.

SLAGMAUR were truly born as a solo project of General Gribbsphiiser, who is also known for his work with Norwegian black metal legend Snorre W. Ruch. The General soon recruited a pair of fellow chthonic deities: Aatselgribb and later Lt. Wardr. Both sublime talents came aboard as Gribbsphiiser was recording SLAGMAUR’s first demo, “Svin” (2006). This was followed by another demo, “Skrekk” (2006) and a split with APTORIAN DEMON entitled “Domfeldt” (2007). Together with the previously lost rehearsal tape “Helvette” (2006), all of the previously mentioned recordings were later reissued as the box set “The Three Protocols of Fosen” (2017).

SLAGMAUR’s avant-garde debut album, “Skrekk Lich Kunstler” (2007), marked the premier installment in the still-unfolding series, “The Art of Olderman”. “Skrekk Lich Kunstler” features two very special guest vocalists: Norwegian Grammy-winner Eskil Blix (VEMOD) and the late muse Steingrim Torson (1983-2009). Steingrim, who has been honoured by SLAGMAUR with a tribute, also appears on the following studio albums, “Von Rov Shelter” (2009) and “Thill Smitts Terror” (2017).

In 2019 and 2022, SLAGMAUR unleashed the lethal singles “Wildkatze” and “Ritual Dogs” respectively. These tracks are taken from the Norwegian’s forthcoming album. Stay tuned: only the worst miscreants will survive the upcoming round of ritual slaughter.
Current line-up
General Gribbsphiiser – guitars, bass
Dr. Von Hellreich – vocals
Lt. Wardr – drums, keyboards

Style: Black Metal


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